Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil finds new reliable staffing partner in Coople.


Cirque du Soleil returns after a two-year break due to the pandemic with Coople as its new staffing partner.

Cirque du Soleil is a Quebec based artistic entertainment company which currently presents around twenty shows on tour or in fixed locations around the world. After almost going bankrupt during the pandemic, a buyout gave Cirque du Soleil the chance to come back and start touring again with its spectacular and colorful shows. The circus is currently touring with its new show LUZIA and stopped by in Geneva in May 2022 and in Zurich in September 2022.  



Coming back to Geneva after two years our client was looking for a new reliable staffing partner in Switzerland. While touring in several markets, the circus was increasingly confronted with recruiting problems, no-shows and lack of consistency in staff and was not able to cover last-minute cancellations. It became more and more challenging to find staff which was motivated, qualified, flexible and reliable. Cirque du Soleil needed to find enough staff to cover around 180 jobs. The main challenges were:

Find a reliable and trustworthy staffing partner in the Swiss market

Need for flexible, motivated and qualified staff for 180 different jobs

Cover last minute cancellations

Provide flex workers for common sectors and such with very specific and rare job profiles

Cover all open positions with reliable, motivated and flexible workers within two weeks

As a swiss based, highly flexible digital staffing agency with the biggest flex worker pool in Switzerland Coople was the perfect partner for Cirque du Soleil

How did Coople help?

Cirque du Soleil was looking for a staffing partner which is highly flexible, reactive, trustworthy and Swiss based. Furthermore, they needed a partner who is able to deliver qualified staff on short notice. With a pool of more than 400’000 flexible workers, Coople was able to cover all positions our client was looking for within two weeks. Coople did not just provide flexible workers from the more common sectors like hospitality or logistics but could also deliver staff with less frequent job profiles like custom dressmaker or a stitcher who was responsible for repairing the spectacular costumes after every show. Therefor Coople will also support the upcoming shows in Zurich.


Coople provided more than 350 Cooplers within two weeks

Cirque du Soleil ended its previous staffing partnership of 20 years and found its new staffing partner in Coople.

In two weeks’ time our team was able to find over 350 workers to cover the open positions.

Cirque du Soleil can rely on a trustworthy Swiss based staffing partner for the shows taking place in Switzerland. After a very successful start in Geneva the next stop is Zurich starting in September this year.

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