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"We are Cooplers!" The big video and photo competition.

Show yourself at work and win up to CHF 1’000.-!
Send us a video or photo with your testimonial and show us what flexible work means to you. All entries automatically take part in a public vote. Our community will vote for their favourite submissions. The entries with the most votes will be rewarded with prize money of up to CHF 1’000.-.

Cooplers are flexible workers who build their own lives and careers.

It is extremely important for us to further strengthen the reputation and awareness of flexible work – and we need your help! So what better way to do this than by putting our own Cooplers in the spotlight? We want to offer you a platform to show your experiences, goals, and talents. Together, we can show how diverse temporary work can be and what can be achieved with flexible jobs.

Get inspired by previous video entries

Here are some recent entries of participants that we’ve slightly edited. Get inspired and enter our competition today!

Get inspired by previous video entries

Here are some recent entries of participants that we’ve slightly edited. Get inspired and enter our competition today!

Demonstrate your skills to highlight the benefits of flexible work with your video or photo submission.

Between the 20th September and the 5th November 2023, you can submit videos or photos with a personal message (testimonial) to our competition gallery.

Show yourself at work and explain in a few sentences what flexible work and being a Coopler means to you, or how Coople Jobs help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

This is what your quote could sound like: “For me, Coople means freedom. Flexible working hours with varied jobs and new challenges all the time.”

To improve your chances, read the paragraph “This is how your submission should look like” further down below carefully. This will help ensure that your entry will be approved and has a chance to win. Good luck!

How to take part:

Choose from the two different ways to enter the competition (video or photo) and upload your contribution that shows you at work.

Don’t forget to include a testimonial. Your testimonial should be an honest, positive statement. It’s best to answer the following questions to make sure you’re on the right track. 2 – 3 sentences is enough!

  • What do you like most about Coople?
  • What personal/professional goals can you achieve thanks to Coople Jobs?

Write your testimonial in the entry form below for both video and photo submissions. To submit your entry, click the green button “Continue” and enter your name and email address. You can upload as many videos and pictures as you like to increase your chances of winning.

Competition rules:

From the 20th September to the 12th November 2023, you will have the opportunity to view all the entries submitted so far and vote for your favourites. You can vote once a day and invite your friends and family to vote for your entry.

The photos and videos with the most votes will win the following prize money:

Top 3 videos:

  • 1st place: CHF 1’000.-
  • 2nd place: CHF 400.–
  • 3rd place: CHF 200.–
Top 3 photos:

  • 1st place: CHF 500.-
  • 2nd place: CHF 200.–
  • 3rd place: CHF 100.–
Note: each submission will first be reviewed by Coople and will only be displayed in the public gallery for voting after approval. If uploaded videos or photos show something outside the submission guidelines, we reserve the right to withhold the submitted media and exclude it from the competition.

Terms and conditions apply.

Your submission should look like this:

Our aim is to get authentic contributions from real Cooplers.The submissions we like best will also be featured on our website and our social media channels.

See below for important information, tips, and examples. It’s a good idea to read these carefully, so you know what kind of content to submit for your best chance to win.

These tips will improve your chances:

  • Make sure that your work activity immediately catches the eye
  • Photo/video with good resolution (please do not reduce/compress).
  • The submission shows you being authentic, focused, and engaged at work.
  • Have someone take your photo/record you or use the self-timer
  • Give the photo some space. It is better if the photo is not zoomed in too close to you and leaves some space for text.
Video contribution
1. Think about what you want to share.
As a testimonial, you can convey a message directly in the video and preferably in your mother tongue or dialect. Whether you say your testimonial aloud or use graphic elements such as posters or text inserts is up to you. There are no limits to your creativity!
2. Think about what is visible in your video.
Think about important aspects of your video for the best planning and make sure that everyone in your video consents to being filmed.
3. Determine the location.
Do you have enough light? Is the focus clearly on you and your testimonial? Is the background distracting? You are the focus of the video, so you must be clearly visible. If you are speaking, you need to be clear and audible.
4. Record your testimonial video.
Ask your friends to help you, e.g. use the latest TikTok trends or the front camera of your phone. It’s best to do several takes at once so you have a selection.
Photo contribution
1. Show yourself at work.
Think about what you like to do or what you are particularly good at. It could be anything from typing fast to heavy lifting, loading a truck efficiently, or mixing the best cocktails!
2. Think about how you can show this activity in a photo.
Make sure that your entry is not just a selfie, but that it focuses on your activity.
3. Determine the location.
Do you have enough light? Is the focus clearly on you and your activity? Is the background distracting? The focus needs to be on you, doing your job. As we focus on your work, your face does not have to be in sharp focus. You can, for example, turn slightly away from the camera or move your face into the background with the right use of light/shadow/focus.
4. Get your picture taken.
Ask your friends to take your picture or use the self-timer function. It’s best to take several shots at the same time so that you have a selection.

Some good examples from past competitions

Coopler Corina S.
Corina S.
Christian S.
Mouna A.
Stéphanie T.


How many entries can I make?
Send us as many videos and photos as you like. The more submissions, the higher your chances are that one of your entries will be one of the top three.
How will I know if I have won?
The public voting will officially end on the 12th November 2023 at 23:59. We will then take 5 working days to contact the 6 winners (3x photo and 3x video) and inform them of their winnings. We will also repost all winning entries via our Facebook and Instagram pages.
How often can I vote?
You can vote 1x per day. We recommend that you invite your friends and family to vote for your entries. To increase your visibility, it’s also a good idea to post the link to the public gallery on your social media.
What happens to my photo or video?
We use selected photos and videos that we collect in this competition for our image campaign to make Coople and flexible work better known throughout Switzerland. As a result, you might recognise your photo/video on Facebook, YouTube, Google etc.