Coople Jobs – the app for flexible work in retail.

With the Coople Jobs App you can find temporary jobs that get you closer to your goals.

Are you a fashion queen or a whizz on wheels? We’ve got casual jobs for shop assistants, cashiers, bike couriers and many more. With Coople, it’s easy to find work that fits your needs, and easy to apply to a wide range of employers. Work when you want and earn what you need with flexible work in retail.

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Find flexible work in retail that suit you

You’ll find countless opportunities on the app, from sales assistants to butchers. Positions that require night shifts are clearly labelled. As soon as you set up your account in the Coople Jobs App, you can start your search. Search by location, company name or role; you can even specify your desired hourly wage.

Tell us more about yourself

Coople offers a wide variety of jobs, giving you the opportunity to try out new roles and advance your career, and providing something for every level of experience. Add as many suitable roles as possible to your Coople profile – everything that interests you and for which you are qualified. As soon as you apply for open jobs, we will know what you are looking for and can send you available job requests. Stay active on the app! The more you apply, the more openings you will receive.

These are the retail job profiles available:

Sales assistant
Delivery driver
Bike courier
E-bike courier
Motorcycle courier
Lorry driver (over 3.5 tonnes)
Driver (up to 3.5 tonnes)
Forklift driver

Improve your chances of getting hired

Coople gives you direct access to Swiss employers, skipping the job interview, but we do still have to check your skills. That’s why it is important to fill your profile with as much information as possible. Whether it’s your diploma, a driving licence or work permit – upload all relevant documents for faster processing of your applications.

If any position requires a specific qualification or proof of experience, you will be informed as soon as you apply. We summarised all the information we need from you, and why we need it, on this page.

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