Coople – the app for flexible office jobs.

From customer service to bookkeeping to reception, temporary office work can really help your career. Whether you’re just starting out or are already a pro, temping adds valuable skills to your CV.

It also helps you network and gives you a chance to try out different roles and companies without commitment. If that’s something you could use, download Coople Jobs and give your career a boost.

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Find a wide range of work

Whatever your skill set, Coople has a temp job for you: there are openings in all departments, from sales to customer service. Even night shifts are available. You can test your people skills by moving to the front desk, or transfer your specialist knowledge to a new sector. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account. Then you can browse hundreds of open jobs to get inspired, or filter using keywords or location search to narrow down the list.

Tell us more about yourself

Coople offers a wide variety of jobs, giving you the opportunity to try out new things and advance your career. Add as many suitable roles as possible to your Coople profile – everything that interests you and for which you are qualified. As soon as you apply for jobs, we will know what you are looking for and can send you available job requests. Stay active on the app! The more you apply, the more job requests you will receive.

These are the office roles on our platform:

Customer service
Finance & controlling
General sectors
Human resources
Marketing, PR & sponsoring
Organisation, documentation & projects
Real estate
Trading, purchasing & sales
Trusts & taxes
Medical secretary

Improve your chances of getting hired

Coople gives you direct access to many well-known Swiss companies and jobs on our platform often don’t require interviews. That’s why we need to check your skills before you can work. It is important that you add as much information as possible to your profile. Whether it’s your diploma, a driving licence or work permit – please upload all documents that could be relevant so we can process your applications as quickly as possible.

If any position requires specific qualifications or a proof of experience, you will be informed by us when you apply.To help you prepare, we summarised a list of all information we need from you, and why we need it, in this short article.

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