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With the Coople Jobs app, you can find flexible jobs in the hospitality industry and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Within the app, you can send applications, manage your calendar, approve the hours you have worked, and view your payslips.

The Coople Jobs App is free and it’s available for Android and iOS. It is your tool for all interactions with Coople.

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Find the right job for you in the hospitality industry.

Have you already created your account and verified your email? Then you are now able to view the list of jobs available on the platform and start your search. Enter the keywords you are interested in: job title or company name if you already know which one you want to work for. Or, get inspired by browsing the list and filtering by your own criteria. Filter by minimum hourly wage or by geography to see what’s available near you. Stay active! The more you log in and apply for jobs, the more job notifications you will get. It’s the easiest way to be successful in your search.

Tell us more about your expectations by selecting job profiles

With Coople, you have access to a wide range of jobs in the hospitality industry and in other different sectors. Would you like to try a new type of job to diversify your career? It is possible and we encourage you to explore new career opportunities. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, there is a job profile to match your search. Add all the profiles that interest you to your account, even if you are new to the job. The job profiles you select allow our algorithm to know what you are looking for. This will help to offer you a wide variety of jobs. As soon as you start applying, we will know what you are looking for and will start sending you job notifications.

Here are the job roles we currently offer in the hospitality industry:

Waiter / Waitress
Chef de Bar
and many more job profiles...
Chef de service

Boost your profile and increase your chances of getting hired

Coople gives you the opportunity to work for companies without worrying about job interviews. However, we need to verify your skills and your right to work in Switzerland before you can apply for jobs. That is why it is important that you provide all necessary information in your Coople profile. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process. Documents you’ll need include your ID, your work permit if you are not Swiss, as well as your CV and any relevant degrees or qualifications.

If a job requires a specific diploma or document, you will be informed when you apply for the position. And don’t forget to keep your documents up to date, especially if they contain an expiry date. If you’d like to learn more, we have summarised all the information we need, and why we need it, on this page. 

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