Digitec Galaxus AG

Digitec offers flexible logisticians employment for several months. 


Digitec Galaxus AG hired flexible logisticians with Coople to cope with their increased demand.  



Digitec Galaxus AG is Switzerland’s online market leader in the IT industry, as well as holding the title for the largest Swiss online shop. Like many companies, Digitec Galaxus AG has struggled with rising demand during the pandemic.


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Due to sudden increases in demand caused by the Covid crisis, Digitec Galaxus AG was faced with difficulties of covering these changes with existing staff. When the handling was no longer feasible, our customer had to quickly stock up the current team with qualified, flexible logisticians who were interested in working for several months. The challenge was to take care of the recruitment of new staff during increasing demand. However, neither the service quality nor the promised delivery conditions should suffer from this. In addition, the new recruited staff had to be integrated into the existing teams and processes.  

The main challenges were:


Short-term nature of staffing need


Need for flexible staff for long-term assignments (several months)


Ensuring service quality during increasing demand


Integration of new staff into existing team and processes

How did Coople help?

Through the support of Coople, it was possible for Digitec Galaxus AG to locate sufficient qualified profiles in the field of logistics in a pool of over 400,000 registered employees within a few minutes. After an initial contact by calling the potential candidates on the part of Coople, the candidates were invited to trial assignments by the client. In this way the Digitec Galaxus AG not only took advantage of the offer for flexible, temporary staff but also benefited from the solution ‘’CoopleRecruit’’ in which employees can be taken over into a permanent position after they have worked in the client’s environment on a trial basis.  


Demand-driven assurance of flexible and qualified staff


Reducing the recruitment workload and minimization of the employment risk


Establishment of long-term staff who are already familiar with the work environment


More than 50 flexible logisticians have been in action.


Demand-oriented recruiment

Flexible hiring in the face of growing order volumes.


Rapid coverage of vacancies

More than 50 qualified candidates were found within 24h.


Transfer to permanent position

Two Coopler were taken on a permanent employee after sucessfully completing the probationary period.

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