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What’s a Super Coopler?

Every month, one Coopler is voted Super Coopler by our Customer Success and Delivery teams, as well as by our hiring companies, to celebrate their outstanding work performance.

As a Super Coopler, you receive benefits such as an exclusive Coople gift including a CHF 50.- SBB gift card and the label “Super Coopler” in your Coople profile, which is visible to hiring companiesto increase your chances of being hired. We will also share your photo and testimonial on our social media channels to give you an extra spotlight.

Pictures of our Super Cooplers

Our previous Super Coopler

Meet our Super Cooplers and learn how flexible work has helped them achieve their goals.

"I am self-employed like many other Coopers and really appreciate how flexible Coople is. Coople has helped me to work alongside my business in the film and animation industry. For example, I can do a Coople job while my computer at home renders images and videos."

Xhuljano A.

"As a former high school student, you're always short of money, and as a student-to-be, that's going to be an issue for a while. Coople has made many things possible for me that I would not have achieved otherwise. It was only because of my Coople salary that I was able to buy an older, but beautiful, VW Polo! Every job gave me something that I could use in everyday life as well as at home. For me, the most important thing was the contact with people from different backgrounds and the insight into different professions. I will definitely continue to use Coople and recommend it to everyone to fulfil his/her wishes."

Leandro D.

"The reason why I work with Coople is quite simple, because with Coople everything is easier. I can choose freely when and where I work and even what I work as! I can only recommend Coople to people who want to plan their working hours independently!"

Michaela L.

"Coople helps me to earn my money, discover interesting Jobs, meet new people and tie new knots. I really enjoy that from time to time I have the posibility to work longterm, which is realy important for me. I have only had good experiances with Coople."

Engin C.

"I'm employed on an hourly basis for a company I enjoy working for. As the work is irregular I seek other work for the days I'm not required by them.⁠ ⁠Coople enables me to increase my working hours. I enjoy the variety of the work and the employers confirm my submitted hours promptly.⁠ ⁠I am pleased that I can pay BVG on my earnings, this isn't always the case with temporary work! It's a great incentive to work through Coople.⁠ ⁠Of course Coople also allows me the flexibility to arrange work around my partner's job and holidays."⁠

Sheila V.

How to become a Super Coopler.

To become a Super Coopler, the following requirements must be met:

  • You have a complete Coople profile.
  • You have worked at least 50 shifts since registration.
  • You have worked for at least 5 different hiring companies since registration.
  • You have worked at least 5 shifts in the month of the vote.
  • You don’t have any no-shows.
  • Your average rating is 3.5 stars or higher.
  • You were active within the last 30 days at the time of voting.

If you meet all these criteria, your profile will appear on the list that will be sent to our Customer Success and Delivery teams, as well as our hiring companies, for voting. The Super Coopler will be the person who receives the most votes.

If you win the vote, you will be contacted personally by the Coople team.

Become a Super Coopler yourself.

Download the free Coople Jobs App, get jobs and become a Super Coopler yourself.

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Coople’s Summer Bonus: win CHF 1'000.- with Coople Jobs!
Coople’s Summer Bonus: win CHF 1'000.- with Coople Jobs!