Office Staffing

Hire temporary office staff based on their location, availability and experience.

Why you should hire
with Coople

Coople has a large pool of office staff available to hire just-in-time. Operating a fully transparent staffing platform; you have full control over who you hire. Decide on what industry qualifications, previous experience and star rating they need to have.

Coople helps businesses with three main staffing challenges
  • Peaks in demand
  • Absenteeism
  • Cost & time efficiencies

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Evernote is a place for individualists and for teams to collect, cultivate and share ideas in different forms. We are a unbelievable talented and spirited team which develops products that influence the lifes of millions of people worldwide positively. Since September 2017 Evernote and Coople are working together. Due to a new project which caused an unpretictable amount of work, Evernote decided to use the services of Coople to stay as flexible as possible. For this and other projects, Evernote recruited with the job profiles Customer Care and Sales. The collaboration with Coople is practical for Evernote because Coople provides all administration work as salary payment and accounting. Like this, Evernote has more time to realize projects for customers.
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Office Work Job Profiles

  • Office Work
  • Office Work - Organisation
  • Office Work - Marketing
  • Office Work - Customer Service
  • Office Work - Finance
  • Office Work - Insurance
  • Office Work - Trusts
  • Office Work - Real estate
  • Office Work - Administration
  • Office Work - Human Resources
  • Office Work - Trading
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