Coople receives “Best staffing agencies for temporary work 2020” award

Coople receives “Best staffing agencies for temporary work 2020” award

Zurich, 3.4.2020 – Once again, Coople has received the award “Best staffing agencies for temporary work”. In the annual survey conducted by Handelszeitung, Le Temps and Statista, HR managers, external recruitment agencies and personnel service providers rated Coople with the maximum number of points.

“We are extremely pleased about the award and would like to thank all the HR specialists and recruitment agencies who evaluated us”, says Yves Schneuwly, Managing Director of Coople Switzerland. “A special thanks goes to all Coopers who have done excellent work in tens of thousands of assignments for companies in Switzerland. They are the best and most valuable ambassadors for Coople.”

The annual survey of the best personnel service providers in Switzerland is conducted by the Handelszeitung, Le Temps and the statistics company Statista. Coople once again received the highest rating in the category “Best temporary employment agencies”. Yves Schneuwly: “This is clear evidence that the disruptive Coople model for flexible staffing is the right answer to changing needs in the market. With digital solutions that ensure agility and flexibility, it is possible to react quickly to changes in the market – such as we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 crisis – with re-calibration and sector transfer of employees”.

The rankings of the best HR service providers are based on the responses of HR managers in companies, external recruiters and candidates who took part in the surveys. Participants were invited by e-mail, via the websites of and, the newsletters of Lohncheck and HR Swiss, and via a carefully recruited panel. The overall evaluation is based on the criteria of brand awareness (number of mentions), brand experience (mentions with experience), achievement of an above-average overall score and number of recommendations. For the overall scores, HR managers and candidates were able to evaluate the companies on several dimensions.

Yves Schneuwly: “For us, the award is both praise and an incentive to continuously develop our app and our products. We are currently planning the introduction of “Coople Manage”, our new tool for internal HR management. This will allow our customers to use the Coople app for their entire shift planning. They can reinforce this plan with our flexible employees whenever shifts cannot be covered internally. ” 

About Coople: Best staffing agencies for temporary work in 2020

Since its foundation in Zurich in 2009, Coople has developed into Europe’s largest platform for flexible staffing with over 300,000 registered employees and 15,000 registered companies in Switzerland. Coople supports companies from the catering, hotel, retail, aviation, logistics, events and promotion sectors as well as from the commercial sector in filling vacancies. Coople has also been active in the UK since 2016 and in the Netherlands since 2020.

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Annette Burgard, VP Marketing,, 044 554 50 00

Cooperation between Swiss businesses and agricultural associations will secure 2020 harvest

Cooperation between Swiss businesses and agricultural associations will secure 2020 harvest

Zurich, 24 March 2020 – Following the initiative of Swiss business owners, the Swiss Fruit Association (SOV) and the Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers (VSGP) are taking an important step towards securing the 2020 harvest by entering a cooperation with flexible work platform Coople. In order to compensate for the travel restrictions that were imposed in response to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, workers from other sectors are to be recruited as harvest workers via the Coople on-demand staffing platform.

Why is this cooperation important? Increasing travel restrictions in Europe are causing an acute shortage of harvest workers who are needed to secure the supply of domestic fruit and vegetables. Images of empty supermarket shelves have unsettled the Swiss population and wrongly conveyed the impression that Switzerland cannot guarantee the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

To pre-empt such a scenario, the heads of the SOV and the VSGP have been discussing solutions for finding the workers necessary to bridge the gap during the phase of these travel restrictions. The cooperation presented today results from the initiative of private businesses in the catering and agricultural sectors. It proposes to hire workers from the catering and hotel industry, who are currently unable to work in their usual sectors due to Federal Council restrictions.

Martin Jucker, co-founder of Jucker Farm AG: “Jucker Farm has been both an agricultural and a catering company for a long time. In addition, we have been working very successfully with Coople for several years to recruit some of our employees. Combining these three elements into an innovative approach seems like an obvious solution: Coople normally provides staff for events and catering. They can now bring the same people to the agricultural sector. I am very pleased that we are able to implement this solution. It will ensure that the agricultural products reach the stores where consumers will be able to access them as usual. ”

“We are convinced that this new solution for meeting the staffing needs in fruit and vegetable production can spread rapidly and we know that many flexible workers are interested in these jobs,” says Viktor Calabrò, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Coople, representing the partners involved in the new cooperation. “To make these jobs even more attractive in the short term, salaries must match the expectations of Swiss workers. We therefore expect the federal government to take the necessary measures to subsidize wages in agriculture in line with market conditions during this exceptional situation. In this way, the 315,000 people currently affected by reduced working hours could also benefit more from this new cooperation. Coople can take care of all administrative tasks, including payroll.”

Over 300,000 flexible workers in Switzerland are registered on the Coople platform. Many of them usually work in the catering and events industry during this time of the year. via this cooperation, Coople’s digital platform enables them to find work quickly and without a hassle in other sectors such as agriculture.

Matija Nuic, Director of the Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers: “Providing fresh vegetables for the Swiss population is our top priority. At this time, the security of supply in Switzerland is at stake. Many vegetable producers have reported to us that their seasonal workers cannot enter Switzerland. For this reason, we have started to look for solutions before the situation worsens further. I am very pleased that we have now found a promising solution with this partnership between the associations and Coople.”

Jimmy Mariéthoz, Director SOV: “Every year, several thousand seasonal workers in Switzerland contribute to cultivating our crops and harvesting fruit and berries. Due to the exceptional situation this year, we had to quickly find an innovative solution to provide the domestic population with the best Swiss fruit and berries.”

Initiators and partners of the cooperation

Jucker Farm AG
We have been combining agriculture with delicious and unique food experiences for 20 years. From cultivation and processing to direct sales in the farm shops, the farm restaurants, and at events. That is what Jucker Farm stands for.

Swiss Fruit Association
The Swiss Fruit Association (SOV) represents the interests of the fruit industry. The aim of the national industry association is to create good framework conditions for production and processing. The SOV represents the interests of the approximately 13,000 players in the fruit industry vis-à-vis authorities, other professional associations and the public. Important services are: Industry information, sales promotion of local fruit and fruit products, education and training.

Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers
The Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers (VSGP) has been the professional organization of Swiss vegetable producers since 1932. It represents the interests of all producers of fresh, stored and processed vegetables, regardless of their production methods. On behalf of its 2,000 members, it is heavily involved in trading, politics, professional training, cultivation, communication and marketing in order to strengthen the positioning of Swiss vegetables.

Hotel industrySuisse
HotelSuisse sees itself as a competence center for the Swiss accommodation industry and, as an association of entrepreneurs, represents the interests of innovative and sustainable accommodation establishments in Switzerland. Since 1882, HotelSuisse, together with its more than 3,000 members, of which around 2,000 are hotels, has stood for a quality-conscious and forward-looking Swiss accommodation industry. The classic hotel industry alone, as a location-bound export industry and backbone of tourism, generates annual sales of over 7.5 billion Swiss francs and employs almost 80,000 people. The member establishments of HotellerieSuisse have over two thirds of the relevant Swiss bed supply and thus generate around three quarters of the corresponding overnight stays.As the umbrella organization of 13 regional associations,

Two Spice
The Two Spice Group is a creative, innovative gastronomy and lifestyle company from Zurich, in whose think tank various operating concepts and brands have been developed for over 30 years. More than ten restaurant brands, a wine shop and an internationally active trading company belong to the group. Marc Saxer & Daniel Kehl: “From the very beginning, it was an important concern for us to operate gastronomy at a professional level. Nevertheless, everyone, both the guest and the team, should feel at home in a relaxed atmosphere. This mixture of striving for quality and lively gastronomy has always characterized our establishments “.

Rathgeb Bio
Rathgeb Bio is a production and service company in Unterstammheim and specializes in the organic cultivation of vegetables and potatoes. Together with regional family businesses, it aims to supply consumers with fresh products. Crunchy, healthy, organic … obviously!

Erik Hämmerli / Bederhof
Erik Hämmerli has been running the Bederhof restaurant in Zurich’s Enge district since 2005. The Bederhof follows the Slow Food concept and focuses on a menu with home-style cooking. In 2011 he and his partners took over the Fischstube restaurant on Lake Zurich. Erik Hämmerli is involved in various catering companies and gives cooking courses.

Since Coople’s foundation in Zurich in 2009, more than 400,000 flexible workers and 20,000 companies have registered on its flexible working platform. Coople provides flexible staffing solutions to the catering, hotel, retail, aviation, logistics, events and promotion and office sectors. The company has been active in the UK since 2016 and in the Netherlands since 2020.

Coople offers Dream Jobs at the AUDI FIS Women’s Ski World Cup in St. Moritz

Coople offers Dream Jobs at the AUDI FIS Women’s Ski World Cup in St. Moritz

Europe’s largest flexible staffing platform will offer 2 new Coople dream jobs. The company will sponsor the AUDI FIS Women’s Ski World Cup in St. Moritz on December 14 and 15, 2019. While the best female skiers in the world master the steep slopes in the Swiss mountains, Coople is looking to find two flexible workers who will master two Coople Dream Jobs on-site – one of which is the assistant to the race manager. The application process for the two Dream Jobs is now open.

Coople is sponsoring the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup in St. Moritz in mid-December. For this purpose, the Swiss staffing platform provides two flexible workers – Cooplers – to support the responsible persons at the World Cup weekend within the framework of two Coople Dream Jobs.

For the second time, Coople is offering registered workers the opportunity to perform a top-class assignment and take on extraordinary tasks with a Coople Dream Job. In March of this year, the Coopler Sébastien de Sainte Marie took over a Dream Job at the “Xtreme Verbier”, the last station of the Freeride World Tour 2019.

“The Women’s Ski World Cup in St. Moritz is one of the most prestigious events in skiing. Especially in the world of sports, which is driven by so many emotions, it is great to make such unique experiences possible for our Cooplers,” says Viktor Calabrò, founder and executive chairman of the Board of Coople. “Thanks to our Swiss top athletes, we can also hope for victories!”

Over in St. Moritz, the event organization is also pleased about the cooperation with the staffing partner, who will strengthen the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup in a targeted way and without additional effort for the organizers. “We are very happy about the partnership with Coople”, explains Claudia Jann, Head of PR & Media. “In addition to our own powerful volunteer organisation Voluntari Engiadina, we are always looking for talented people to support us in organising the event. With Coople, we can count on a partner who has a large network and can quickly and easily find helping hands when we need them, which is worth its weight in gold for an event of this magnitude.”

Two Dream Jobs in St. Moritz

The top-class jobs at the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup in St. Moritz will not only lead two selected Cooplers into the beautiful Engadine mountain landscape, but will also give them unique insights behind the scenes of a sports event with global attention.

Coople Dream Job 1: Race Management Assistance
The right hand of the race manager will be in the middle of the action when the world’s best female skiers line up for the Super-G and Parallel Slalom. It’s all about keeping a cool head and keeping the entire race under control.

We are looking for a good skier or a safe snowboarder who can handle a GoPro camera, speaks fluent German and English and also remains calm and flexible when dealing with well-known sports stars or in unexpected situations.

Coople Dream Job 2: Social Media Assistance
Working alongside in a team with the Head of PR & Media of the Alpine Sports Events St. Moritz – Engadin, a Coopler will take over the entire social media appearance of the organiser during the competition days – be it with Instagram stories from the middle of the cheering crowds, or as part of the media team during the editorial preparation of the event in the office. 

We are looking for a person with an affinity for social media, who can use a mobile phone for work and knows the necessary apps for image editing and video recording. Creativity, flexibility and an eye for interesting stories round off the profile.

Coople receives USD 32 million in funding and announces expansion into the Netherlands

Coople receives USD 32 million in funding and announces expansion into the Netherlands

Coople, Europe’s leading on-demand platform for flexible staff, receives additional funding of USD 32 million from a group of investors led by One Peak Partners and the Growth Equity Business within the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division.  In total, Coople has raised USD 76 million in funding to date, making it one of the world’s best funded companies within the flexible job market. The proceeds from the successful Series C funding round will be used to continue investing in the automation of Coople’s online platform, to further expand within existing markets, and to launch Coople’s business in the Netherlands and one other international market.

“We look forward to continuing on our path of revolutionising the world of work. On the one hand, Coople offers employees a convenient way to find high-quality, flexible jobs. On the other hand, Coople provides companies with reliable, easy access to our fast-growing pool of on-demand talent,” said Rinaldo Olivari, CEO of Coople. “Over the past year, we have seen that an increasing number of users are coming to our platform for more than just last-minute jobs. They now rely on Coople for a large part of their income or their core business. We will use the proceeds from this funding round to further improve the automation and user experience of our product, expand our geographic reach, and strengthen our core team with additional talent.”

Since its start in Switzerland in 2009, Coople has introduced its disruptive business model in 3 countries and revolutionised the traditional recruitment industry (market volume: USD 470 billion). The company’s platform uses an algorithm that instantly matches its flexible workforce with the demand from companies. Amongst other factors, the algorithm takes into consideration a worker’s location, availability, experience and ratings and matches these with the requirements of the hiring company.

The Coople platform provides end-to-end automation of the HR process; from planning, recruiting, on-boarding and hiring to workforce management, payroll and payments. This allows companies to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with HR administration.

By migrating to the AWS cloud this year, Coople has further improved availability, resiliency, and its technical foundations, and is looking forward to scaling in existing and new markets. The company is also extending its world leading flexible staff planning software to enable clients to upload and manage their internal flexible staff.

With the funding, Coople continues its expansion and innovation through the course of 2020

Today, Coople has over 400,000 registered ‘Cooplers’ (flexible employees) and over 20,000 registered companies on its platform. The company has a market leading position in Switzerland and continues to show triple digit annual growth rates in the UK, a market it entered in 2016.

Earlier this month, Coople announced the appointment of Thijs Dirkzwager, the new Managing Director for the Netherlands, to launch in the Dutch market.  In its existing markets, Coople plans to continue its growth path in the UK and in Switzerland. An increasing number of large blue-chip companies in these markets already rely on Coople for on-demand staffing, including Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Financial Times, IWG, Swisscom, C&A, AXA Winterthur, Globus, and Moet Hennessy.

To further accelerate its growth, Coople has strengthened its leadership team in 2019. The new members of the Senior team are Annette Burgard, Vice President Marketing; Yves Schneuwly, Managing Director Switzerland; Kit Glover, Managing Director UK; and Thijs Dirkzwager, Managing Director Netherlands.

David Klein, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of One Peak Partners, said “We look forward to our continuing collaboration with Coople, particularly with regard to further international expansion. The market for flexible talent remains one of the most exciting technology market opportunities in Europe, and, with its expanded management team, Coople is in prime position to further expand its market leadership.“

Coople and Verbier E-Bike Festival to partner for launch of very first edition of event

Coople and Verbier E-Bike Festival to partner for launch of very first edition of event

Coople is partnering with the organizers of the Freeride World Tour to launch the first ever Verbier E-Bike Festival. The event, which aims to become Europe’s largest gathering for electric bike riders and enthusiasts, will take place this year from the 13th to the 18th of August. To commemorate the inauguration, Coople is holding an open casting for several electric roles through its job platform.

Once-in-a-lifetime ‘dream’ jobs

Adrenaline-seeking candidates with a need for speed are invited to apply for the role of POV E-Bike Camera Operator. Three selected candidates will be presented with the rare opportunity to follow the world’s best mountain bikers in an exclusive race around the massif of the majestic Mont Blanc. Their mission: to capture all the action and rush from the riders’ perspective through a wearable camera. Over the course of 3 days, they will traverse 3 countries and over 300 kilometers, along breathtaking balconies and through spectacular passes, to capture jaw-dropping visual content from the Verbier E-Bike Festival. To be considered for one of the roles, candidates should be fit and be able to demonstrate experience of mountain biking through demanding terrain and conditions.

Following the Xtreme Verbier leg of the Freeride World Tour in March, this marks the second collaboration between Coople and the organizers. Coople, which is celebrating 10 years in Switzerland, is continuing to challenge traditional views of the gig economy. “Flexible work is not only restricted to boring or menial jobs, and these dream jobs speak to that,” says Simon Vogel, Regional Manager for Western Switzerland. “There are so many exciting opportunities which offer flexibility on the market right now, and we’re bringing them to people.” The company aims to provide job-seekers across Switzerland with a smooth and easygoing experience for finding flexible jobs across a multitude of sectors and industries.

The first-ever Verbier E-Bike Festival

The Cooplers selected for the special role will be part of the very first edition of the Verbier E-Bike Festival. The 5-day event will transform the village of Verbier into a playground for riders and bike enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. More than 30 industry brands will be represented and festival-goers can enjoy a unique opportunity to test and compare the newest models of e-bikes. The Festival will be completed with a selection of bike tours around the region of Val de Bagnes, where participants can explore the area’s best trails, discover the biggest e-bike test center in the country, sample local food and culture from the Valais, and test their own endurance on the tracks.

GastroGraubünden to build Grisons’ largest pool of flex workers with Coople

GastroGraubünden to build Grisons’ largest pool of flex workers with Coople

GastroGraubünden, the largest association of hotels and restaurants in the Grisons, recently announced plans to build eastern Switzerland’s largest directory of hospitality and seasonal staff. In an effort to better address the staffing challenges of its members, the association aims to use Coople’s technology for workforce management.

The seeds of the initiative were planted in March during GastroGraubünden’s annual general assembly in St. Moritz and signed into action a month later at the annual delegation meeting in Chur. The region of the Grisons is famous for its sweeping sceneries and pristine nature, which has led to it hosting some of the world’s most exclusive summits including the World Economic Forum. However, in this remote corner of the Swiss Alps, finding quality chefs, waiters, and hospitality staff is not always easy: talent is sparse.

“The main of this project is to greatly simplify short- and medium-term personnel planning and recruitment for our members,” says Marc Tischhauser, president of the association. “Already today, neighboring businesses hire out personnel for special occasions, banquets, weddings, or other projects. But up until now, this has been very cumbersome and involved a great deal of coordination. That’s where Coople comes into play.”

Coople provides a unique solution to this challenge through its innovative technology. Using the company’s platform, associate members of GastroGraubünden are able to access a single directory of flexible staff available in the region, hire them, and manage their workforce planning. “What we’re providing GastroGraubünden is an easy-to-use tool which will empower its members to collaborate together in building up the region’s workforce,” says Tobias Weidmann, Coople’s Team Lead for Gastronomy and Hospitality. “With Coople’s unique solution, any member of GastroGraubünden will be able to find the staff they need, when they need.”

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