Our Coopler Eugen has completed over 100 jobs since his registration with Coople in August 2022 – congratulations for this milestone. Thanks to Coople, Eugen can supplement his retirement savings by working as a chef. In addition, it’s preventing him from getting bored in his retirement, he gets to know new people and can expand his business as a private chef.

Why did you join Coople?

“A friend I worked with at Adecco recommended Coople to me. So I looked it up and registered. Just 5 days after my registration, on the 11th of August 2022, I completed my first Coople job on a farm in Zurich Oberland. After that, I received one job offer after the other.”

“The registration process is fairly easy and good. There is a lot to fill in, but that was no problem for a former hotel manager like me.”

“I have completed training as a chef and then graduated hotel management school. After that, I only cooked as a side job or hobby and travelled all over the world professionally as a hotel manager. I managed hotels in 15 countries. Then, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a job as general manager in the hotel industry anymore and had to rethink my career. So I started working as a chef again and built up my own business as private chef for events. You can, for example, book me via voucher providers such as Smartbox, etc. “

What new industries/job profiles were you able to discover thanks to Coople?

“I tried service once and have always remained true to the hospitality sector. I applied as driver a few times, but wasn’t hired for these jobs.”

What new professional experiences and knowledge have you gained through Coople Jobs?

“Having worked in so many hotels all over the world, I already brought a wide range of experience to the table. I really enjoy working with different people though. Everyone does certain things a little differently and in their own ways, so you can always learn something new.”

What are your personal or professional goals at the moment?

“At my age, I no longer have any major professional goals. I’m looking to continue working flexibly to supplement my OASI a little. Apart from that, I’m always eager to learn new things and to work with different people. Of course, I also want to continue and expand my business as private chef. And the most important goal is probably to live and enjoy life!”

“The flexible jobs at Coople help me stay busy during my retirement and earn some extra money.

How does Coople help you to achieve these goals?

“I definitely don’t get bored. The flexible jobs help me to stay busy and earn extra money.”

What is your favorite memory when you think of your time with Coople so far?

“I think it was working at the 5-star Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. I did my apprenticeship there 52 years ago. The kitchen looks completely different today than it did when I was 16 years old, but I still knew exactly where the head chef’s office was. That was funny. Today it’s a beautiful kitchen with a little garden in the middle. In the evening, I carved entrecote for the guests, which reminded me a lot of my apprenticeship days, and I was able to use my knowledge of 5 foreign languages.”

What is the most special thing that has ever happened to you on a Coople job?

“I was employed for a while in a men’s home in Lucerne on Mondays and Tuesdays. There were people who were on the downside of life. I was responsible for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the people liked me very much. They all wanted me to stay longer because they liked my food better than that from any other chef who worked there.”

What advice would you give to new Coopers who have just registered?

“Apply every day! I’m constantly in the app checking if anything new has come in. I often am amongst the first applicants. Additionally, I make sure that I always arrive at the job site about half an hour earlier than the job starts. Then, of course, it’s also important to give it your all every time and show a lot of commitment.”

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