Our Coopler Eduardo has completed over 100 jobs since his registration with Coople in June 2022 – congratulations for this milestone. Thanks to Coople, Eduardo has been able to expand his professional knowledge in the hospitality industry and is currently pursuing a very ambitious goal: opening his own restaurant.

Why did you join Coople?

“After my military service, I wanted to work part-time. My cousin then recommended the Coople Jobs App.”

What new professional experiences and knowledge have you gained through Coople Jobs?

“I got to meet a lot of new people and was able to complete several cool jobs. This way you meet people from different industries and get to network with them.”

What new industries/job profiles were you able to discover thanks to Coople?

“I mainly worked as a chef, but I also had the opportunity to complete cool jobs in the event sector. I found it very interesting to see how everything is planned and organised.”

“My goal is to open my own restaurant in 10 years time. Thanks to Coople, I have already met people who are interested in my project and with whom I can imagine working with in the future.”

What are your personal or professional goals at the moment?

“My goal is to open my own restaurant in 10 years time. In order to do so, I want to gain as much professional experience as possible in different companies.”

How does Coople help you to achieve these goals? 

“By working in different companies across various industries and getting to know new people. I have already met suppliers or logisticians who are interested in my project and would love to work with them in the future.”

What is your favorite memory when you think of your time with Coople so far?

“Definitely the Spengler Cup in Davos and the Openair Frauenfeld. I remember the Openair Frauenfeld mainly because of the beautiful weather, the cool music, and great people. The Spengler Cup, on the other hand, was something completely new. It was a totally different dimension in terms of organisation and work. The menu selection and the guests who were served were also new to me.”

What is the most special/funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a Coople job?

“I reconnected with old school mates on various jobs – That was very unexpected and funny.”

What advice would you give to new Coopers who have just registered? 

“Make sure you take every opportunity you get to work and try out lots of different jobs. Everyone can find something suitable on Coople.”

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