Mario Garcia is one of Switzerland’s top chefs: at just 28-years-old, the trailblazing cook from Kriens and his team reached fifth place in the world’s most prestigious gastronomy competition. Over a period of two months, gourmands have the opportunity to sample select creations from Mario’s Bocuse d’Or menu at the lido in Lucerne. Aside from taking the guests on an incredible culinary journey, the pop-up offers a rare peek into the delectable world of haute cuisine. To deliver this level of service, Mario Garcia turned to Coople staff.

From the center-stage kitchen, Mario and his team prepare all the dishes in open view of all guests. An event with such showmanship requires impeccable execution, attention to detail, and a high level of service. For this, Mario and his team are hiring Coople staff. Through the platform, they hired a Chef de Service as well as two waiters for the entire duration of the two-month project.

For our Coople staff, each day’s shift begins in the late afternoon with a briefing of the evening to come: Mario runs over the menu du jour which is learned by heart, and then the service team gets to work dressing the tables. Throughout the course of the evening, they are in charge of welcoming the guests, explaining the ingredients and preparation techniques, and ensuring an exquisite dining experience for all of the pop-up restaurant’s attendees.

“The Cooplers we hired performed their duties with the highest level of professionalism.” —Alex Garcia, organizer of “Lido by Mario Garcia”

Concerning the experience of working together with Coople, the pop-up organizers have only positive words. “Coople is first and foremost an online platform, but to describe it as just that would not do it justice,” explains Hans Bühlman, Head of Gastronomy at ZFV. “The Coople team is engaged, personable, and flexible at every step of the way, and the Cooplers we hired are fast, qualified, and all extremely motivated.”

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