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How Chelsea Football Club consistently gained over 97% coverage with skilled, professional staff.


Chelsea Football Club has over a century of rich sporting heritage, which has led to a superior collection of hospitality, events, and leisure facilities all at one venue. Stamford Bridge Stadium is one of the oldest football grounds in the country and home to Chelsea Football Club in West London.  Learn more about Chelsea Football Club.









London, UK

There are multiple benefits to using the Coople platform – a reduction of fixed costs, access to simple systems and processes, and working with staff who we know and who know us. We have found a partner who understands us and how our business operates.”

Rachel Guest, People Operations Manager


Chelsea Football Club required high-quality, skilled events staff to consistently maintain excellence. Due to their VIP clientele, experience and expertise within their hospitality workforce was essential for the success of each match day.

Their main challenges were:

Finding consistency in staffing across all departments, with a preference for the same team working across all matches due to their VIP clientele’s attendance.

Sourcing experienced and skilled hospitality workers to exceed their clients’ high expectations and provide a memorable, quality service during each match.

Streamlining their agency support on match days by finding a core supplier to reduce their need for multiple agencies.

How did Coople help?

Chelsea Football Club relied on Coople to build the quality workforce they needed to support their season. They used Coople’s rating system and skills validation to source the best workers and create their own favourite workers. This enabled them to drive consistency across their seasons.

Chelsea Football Club sourced a core team of check in supervisors to ensure workers were being allocated to the correct positions each match day. Coople enforced a stringent and efficient accreditation process to ensure workers were fully trained and provided the best experience possible. As a result of this, Chelsea Football Club’s coverage improved to 97% for each match day and experienced an increase in positive reviews from clients.

Coople’s and Chelsea Football Club long-standing partnership. Coople were requested to support their staffing at new areas at the training ground and the Kingsmeadow where the Chelsea Football Club Women play.



High coverage for every match day.

Consistent workforce.

Chelsea Football Club built a pool of professional hospitality and event staff they re-hired every match day. They had high return rates and near-perfect consistency, of over 97% coverage.

Improved customer experience.

Coople’s regular pool of readily available and trained workers improved the volume of positive reviews Chelsea Football Club received from their customers.

Long-standing partnership.

Chelsea Football Club streamlined their agency support by using Coople as their core supplier, reducing the need for multiple agencies and saving the internal team time and stress.

Worker consistency through Coople’s ongoing support.

Chelsea Football Club prepared a favourites pool of skilled events workers, which they used to gain consistency in their workforce. The pool was familiar with the returning guest and had an increase in positive reviews received. Using CoopleFlex gave Chelsea Football Club the recruitment support they need across multiple departments and locations. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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