The on-demand economy has grown rapidly in the past few years, causing major shifts in how companies do business. A taxi, a blow-dry, a meal, a weekly shop – these and more are available to consumers at a speed, price and frequency that was previously unthinkable. Companies have adapted to these changes, leveraging flexible staff to supplement their full-time workforce. For employees, part-time work has become more desirable and socially acceptable. Some people are seeking flexibility and control over their working hours, while others want supplemental income.

As a result, the demand for temporary labour has risen sharply. But the question is – how do businesses meet this demand? Most recruitment agencies fail to offer the fast, reliable and innovative service that on-demand businesses need.

On-demand creates new recruitment needs

This change heralds the new era of flexible recruitment. Businesses need to manage unpredictability and ensure they’re finding the right staff at the right time. This applies to on-demand companies like Deliveroo, but also to more traditional businesses as well. If the receptionist calls in sick, there needs to be a cost-effective solution to ensure the CEO isn’t covering the phones. During busy holiday seasons like summer and half-terms, companies need to fill in the gaps. If a whole team comes down with the flu during the winter, companies need to be able to get skilled temporary staff within a few hours.

Not all roles are suitable for on-demand recruitment. But many, many are: telesales, customer service, reception, secretarial, administration. Taking advantage of sourcing these roles on-demand is key to continuing business success. But to do this, businesses need a comprehensive platform where they can easily recruit, onboard and pay temporary staff.

Coople provides on-demand staff recruitment

That’s where Coople comes in. We’ve modernised the recruitment process, reducing friction and improving flow. Our powerful algorithm, peer-driven community and intuitive interface let us connect businesses with available and qualified part-time staff. We focus on recruitment. Businesses focus on business.

How Coople simplifies on-demand recruitment for businesses

  • Easy for employers and employees – Everything is done online, on our website or our app. Potential employees create profiles with their previous experience, relevant skills and availability. Employers upload wages, dates and hours when they need flexible staff.
  • No paperwork – We know you’re busy. We also know there are lots of bits and pieces that come with hiring temporary staff. That’s why we take care of right to work, contracts, payroll and more.
  • No more searching – We do all the searching for you – or at least, our algorithm does. We match employers’ requirements with the best available people. We get the right people in the right job, just when they’re needed.
  • Quality control – Employees are held to a high standard in our peer-driven community. Every business rates its employees, so the best employees get more work.
  • Maximum flexibility – Employers can book employees on the same day or a week in advance. They set their own hourly rates and only hire the people they need. Employees accept the job before the final offer to reduce wait times.
  • Retain skilled people – Employers can save the employees they’ve rated, making it easy to rehire those who perform well. This keeps the best talent within the employer’s workforce, without compromising flexibility.

Coople works with several high-profile on-demand businesses, including Gett and Deliveroo. We help them fulfil their flexible staffing needs, allowing their business to grow. Join Coople UK today to recruit the best part-time staff and revolutionise the way you work.