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STEF Switzerland Ltd.

Successful expansion with responsive staffing


How STEF Switzerland Ltd. opens a new warehouse by using a responsive staffing strategy.

STEF Switzerland Ltd. is the European specialist in the transport and logistics of temperature-controlled agri-food products. The company opened their new warehouse by using a responsive staffing strategy and is seeing expansion success.


STEF Switzerland Ltd. needed a responsive staffing strategy to open a new location in Kölliken. Their need for a new warehouse was driven by strong fluctuations in demand for their frozen products. Opening this location proved to be a challenge due to the unique, cold working environment (cold storage). It was also important for STEF to have access to the same regional, flexible workers. This allows fast reactions in case of last minute increases in demand. It also keeps onbaording costs for new workers low.

When STEF approached Coople, their key challenges were:


Strong fluctuations in order volume


Unusual working conditions (cold environment)


Their need for regional workers

How did Coople help?

We have been supporting STEF Switzerland Ltd. since September 2019 with flexible warehouse staff. Responsive staffing enables them to react to the strong fluctuations in demand for fozen products. STEF’s team also relied on flexible staff from Coople for their expansion at the Kölliken site, from where the central warehouses of supermarkets and wholesalers throughout Switzerland are supplied. By building up a pool of favourites with flexible workers from the region, it was possible to make staff planning more reactive and agile, which played a major role for the success of the expansion.


Expansion success with responsive staffing


Flexible stability

4 flexible employees are working 5 days a week


Building up a pool of favourites with 20 flexible employees who have already proven themselves


All flexible employees could be recruited from the surrounding area
What our client said about us:

“With Coople, we have reliable staff available at short notice, who we can hire ourselves. We are very satisfied with the quality of the staff and with the entire support of Coople who always take our concerns very seriously.”

Lina Cordova Nyffenegger, HR Assistant

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