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Relies on a favorites pool of flexible workers


Since the first lockdown, Flaschenpost relies on a favorites pool of flexible workers.

Flaschenpost, Switzerland’s largest online wine store saw a significant increase in demand after the initial outbreak of COVID-19. Within a very short period of time, the company was able to build up a favourites pool of qualified flexible workers to rely on as needed at their logistics centre in Dietlikon.



Flaschenpost Services AG needed a large pool of flexible staff at once to guarantee a smooth service and the ability to process incoming orders on time. The qualified workers needed to be available on call for an extended period of time.

Their main challenges were:


An extremely short lead time for most shifts


Their need for 20 workers per day over a longer period of time


A preference for working with the same flexible workers as much as possible

How did Coople help?

To find the required number of qualified, flexible staff, Coople supported Flaschenpost by building a pool of favorites. The best performing workers who proved themselves during the first assignment for Flaschenpost were continuously highlighted and included in the pool of favorites. After only a few days, Flaschenpost already had a group of 25 flexible workers, whom they could rely on at any time for short-notice assignments. This set up also provides a good experience for Cooplers (our flexible workers), as they can repeatedly work in the same team with other Cooplers, which creates a sense of community.


A high-quality favourites pool of flexible workers


Favourite-pool with 25 flexible workers

11 favourites are in action, 5 days per week


All flexible workers are always punctual and reliable


Within one working day, the first 20 workers could be hired

“Coople responded very quickly to our needs and offered us support at all times. The open assignments were filled in less than 12 hours for the next day and the entire month. We are absolutely impressed! – from A to Z!”

Christian Signer, Head of Logistics

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