Coople's pricing model.

Disruptive and transparent:
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Coople Service

With Coople, you reduce costs by outsourcing recruitment, administration and payroll for your temporary staff. As the legal employer we handle all of this for you. You just pay us directly, like any other vendor.

We charge you a small fee for every hired hour and calculate this via a standard fee factor.

No subscription

No upfront fees

No setup costs

No minimum hours

Transparent pricing – how it works

Your total cost gets calculated by the hour.
You have full control and transparency over cost before you commit.

Step by step:

  • You set the hourly wage (which has to be above minimum wage)
  • You see an estimate for the final cost per hour

This figure includes wage, social security payments and our fee. You only post the job if you agree with the cost estimate. The final invoice might still vary slightly, for example if you hired for a night shift (when higher minimum wages are applied automatically).

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The services included in our fee


Publish job advertisements 24/7 at no charge to our pool of more than 300,000 registered workers

Match your job with the most promising candidates to notify them directly

Provide all applicants to you in a simple interface, via our online platform or the Coople Hire App

Manage all legal administration (incl. hiring contracts)

Administration & Payroll

Right to work checks, verified job histories and ratings

Registration with social insurance companies

Payroll, wage payments, pay checks and payment of social security contribution

Workforce planning, absence management and sick pay

Further advantages

We provide best-in–class technology via our App and our real-time matching algorithm

We support you in finding replacements in case of a rare no-show

We support workers via trainings and as part of the GAV, our workers are entitled to paid training

We minimise your employer branding risk (Coople takes over rejections of applications etc.)

Staff Leasing

Coople is a member of swissstaffing and falls under the authority of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) “Staff Leasing”. This ensures that temporary workers who work via the Coople platform get paid at least the minimum wage, are protected in case of accident or illness, and build up a pension fund as contributions to the occupational pension fund can be made from day one. Another advantage is that our temporary workers benefit from subsidised professional training.

Create a free account now to calculate the cost of your job with no hiring commitment.

Create a free account now to calculate the cost of your job with no hiring commitment.

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Coople makes flexible work a rewarding experience for today and tomorrow.

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