Congratulations to our Coopler Sandy on her 10th anniversary with Coople. We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the 10-year anniversaries of our Cooplers! For this occasion, we spoke with Sandy about her highlights and how she has been able to grow thanks to Coople.

Introducing: Sandy

Since her registration at Coople in 2011 (back then, it was called Staff Finder), Sandy worked in many different sectors and roles. For example, in sales, promotion, logistics and hospitality. Through these various experiences, Sandy has learned to be open to new things and to take on new challenges. Sandy is a favourite Coopler for 27 companies and still works regularly with Coople.

Why did you join Coople?

“Before I registered with Coople, I did various promotion jobs. When I was at the gastronomy fair, I came into contact with Staff Finder, registered there and tried it out straight away. Such online platforms were new at that time, and I really liked it.”

What was your first Coople job?

“I’m honestly not sure anymore, but I think it was a job for a perfume promotion.”

“You get to know many different people and have the opportunity to do many different jobs.”

What experiences have you gained since working with Coople?

“You get to know many different people and have the opportunity to do many different jobs. I’ve also learned to become open to new situations and to always take on new challenges.”

What personal or professional goals are you working towards?

“I would like to have the education level “skilled” in hospitality job profiles so that I can work for exciting events.”

What advice would you give to new flexible workers?

“Don’t give up, even if you get several rejections at the beginning. You should keep applying and stick with it. Adding a good CV to your profile is also very important.”

What’s your favourite moment when thinking about the past 10 years with Coople?

“Definitely the job at the Bürgenstock Hotel, where I dressed up as an Easter egg and handed out chocolates. Afterwards, I was even allowed to take as much chocolate as I wanted from the Lindt shop – that was a very great experience. Or when I was allowed to hand out gummy bears at the Slowup and the weather was just beautiful.”

Coopler Sandra B. during a Coople job