We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the 10-year anniversaries of our Cooplers! We spoke to our long-time Cooplers to learn more about their flexible work experience with Coople and to share their tips with you.

Introducing: Bettina

Bettina registered as a flexible worker back in 2011 when Coople was still called Staff Finder. Initially, she mainly worked promotion jobs but since then Bettina has tried many different roles and industries. Bettina has sold clothes in retail, worked as a waiter, at bars, and has also worked in childcare, where she was able to do handicrafts with the children. Today, Bettina is a favourite Coopler for 13 companies and regularly uses Coople for finding flexible work.

Coopler Bettina bei einem Promo Einsatz

“I wanted to have more freedom to decide for myself what kind of jobs I wanted to do and found that with Coople.”

Why did you join Coople?

“At the time it was still called Staff Finder. I wanted to have more freedom to decide for myself what kind of jobs I wanted to do and found that with Coople. I got a lot of opportunities to look into different professions that I didn’t study and in which I had no work experience at all. I was very interested in that, and it helped me in my professional life. The first time I heard about Coople was probably through Patchwork Promotion. They were already working with Staff Finder at that time and the boss there, who is a colleague of mine, knows Viktor personally.”

What experiences have you gained since working with Coople?

“I was able to gain experience in working with children. I was so interested in that, that I decided to educate myself in this field. A little later, outside of Coople, I got a nanny job with famous people. I got employed as nanny by this family for 3 days a week, whenever the parents had to travel abroad. My references from the Coople jobs helped me get this job as I already had work experience in addition to my training.”

What personal or professional goals are you working towards?

“Currently I live in Switzerland and Tunisia at times and Coople helps me finance my many trips. When I’m in Tunisia, I always plan where I want to work when I come back to Switzerland. That’s so easy with the Coople Jobs App as I can apply from anywhere in the world and plan my time ideally. My professional and personal goal is to learn English so that I can communicate better in Tunisia, and it’s also beneficial for my career.”

What advice would you give to new flexible workers?

“That’s funny, as I recently attended a Coople job where we had to check Covid certificates and there were about 4 to 5 students who had just registered and didn’t know exactly how Coople worked. I then took some time during the break and gave them the following tips: “it’s best to add 10 job profiles right away and make sure to upload your CV. You also need to log in to the Coople Jobs App regularly and reject jobs that don’t suit you.” They thought that if they rejected jobs, they wouldn’t get any requests anymore. In general, I would say that the younger generation tends to give up too quickly and should try longer.”

What message do you have for hiring companies?

“It would be nice if the people in charge on site were always informed that Cooplers are coming. Sometimes I get there and nobody knows I’m coming to work. That’s not a good first impression. I only know what to do in such situations because I have so much experience, and I know how to ask around so that I end up where I’m supposed to work. But this can be very confusing, especially for new Cooplers.

I also like the QR codes for check-in and check-out a lot, but unfortunately there are many companies that don’t use it properly or not at all.

But it is always nice to feel the gratitude hiring companies have towards us Cooplers, since they do not have time for the tasks we perform. The co-workers and bosses on site are mostly very appreciative, which gives me a good feeling. I also like that I can usually have an impact on how I do my job, individually and personally.”

What’s your favourite moment when thinking about the past 10 years with Coople?

“There are a lot. But the most impressive job was probably working at the bar at the Open Air Gampel. It was crazy how much beer we sold. The ambience, the music and the visitors were just so great, and it was an extremely cool experience to be part of such an event. There were about 10’000 to 12’000 people in the festival area! Apart from that, I always really enjoy promotion jobs.”