Every year in the middle of January, the picturesque mountain village of Wengen up in the Swiss highlands takes center stage in the world of winter sports. More than 37,000 spectators from near and far gather at the International Lauberhorn Races (Lauberhornrennen) to cheer on competing skiers as they swish down slalom and downhill courses. This year, for the event’s 89th edition, Coople was also in the Alps to give a helping hand.

An event on the scale of the Lauberhorn Races requires great skill, not only from the athletes, but also from the side of event organizers and sponsors. To accommodate the temporary boom of visitors, skiers, and journalists in Wengen, companies are turning to Coople to find and employ temporary staff—the Cooplers. Cooplers are also eager to be a part of the Lauberhornrennen, where they get the chance to work in dynamic roles and perhaps brush shoulders with the sport industry’s best and coolest.

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Meet Yvonne, an experienced restaurant industry professional living in Thun who often works in luxury mountain resorts such as the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel and the art-nouveau Vitznauerhof. “I prefer assisting long banquets and large events because they’re always impressive, well organized, and often unforgettable occasions,” she explains. “This year, the SWISS VIP lounge where I was serving welcomed members of the Patrouille Suisse.” The aerobatic airshow display put on by the Patrouille Suisse has become a regular highlight of the Lauberhorn Races, and Yvonne delighted in spoiling the pilots with champagne, good food, and coffee.

“There’s nothing better than Coople: I decide for myself when I want to work. I’m free, independent, and I always get great support.”

Although she regularly receives offers from other companies, Yvonne says she enjoys working through Coople because of the control it gives her. “There’s nothing better than Coople,” she says. “I decide for myself when I want to work. I’m free, independent, and I always get great support from the Coople team.” Needless to say, it was all smiles in the VIP lounge at this year’s Lauberhorn Races. For Yvonne, getting to meet guests from all corners of the world in the beautiful Swiss Alps is the cherry on top.

For others, Coople offers a unique occasion to be together. Hellen and Gerard are a pair of Cooplers who also signed up for service shifts at the Lauberhorn Races. With free time in their calendar, the couple wanted to earn some extra money while still being together. Hellen, who loves the mountains and the snow, works frequently as a Coopler on Bürgenstock, a mountain resort in central Switzerland. She recently convinced Dutch boyfriend Gerard to also register on the platform. “He’s only been in Switzerland for two years,” she says, “so I love the opportunity to be able to work together with him and show him locations in Switzerland at the same time.” Despite having different work experiences, both Hellen and Gerard were able to find jobs through Coople where they could work together.

Working at the Lauberhorn Ski Races this year was a dream job turned reality for many: it was freedom, togetherness, and excitement rolled into one. For more exciting winter jobs, keep your eyes peeled: Coople has just arrived in the Alps!

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