Christmas is a time of joy, love, and giving, so in the spirit of the holiday season, Coople has committed to spreading some winter festivity to families living in the region of Zurich. We’ve covered the working costs of Cooplers working at Caritas Zurich and invited nine Cooplers to spend an afternoon in solidarity wrapping gifts for children from low-income families. For some Cooplers, it was their very first job; for many, it quickly became their favorite and most meaningful Coople job.

Caritas and Coople: Helping those in need in Switzerland

Caritas is an international network active in more than 200 countries. In Switzerland, 16 regional, independent Caritas Organizations engage in social projects in their local area. Their main mission in Switzerland is to improve the lives of the 615,000 people affected by poverty.

“Although we enjoy a high standard of living here in Switzerland, there are still many people close to us who are in need of assistance,” explains Sandra Rauch, Head of Communications at Caritas Zurich.

Throughout the year, Sandra and the rest of the team at Caritas Zurich are actively engaged in fighting poverty in the canton of Zurich. In addition to running six second-hand shops and three Caritas Markets, the Zurich chapter organizes volunteer projects, offers debt counseling sessions, and empowers people with low-incomes to participate in Swiss social life through the Caritas Culture Pass.

The Caritas Christmas initiative of distributing presents to children from low-income families is a tradition now in its tenth year. “This year, we’ll be giving out 500 gifts,” says Samuel from Caritas Culture Pass, “250 of which will have been wrapped by Cooplers.” Once wrapped, the presents are delivered to the Culture Pass office, from where they can be picked up by the families on December 19th — just in time for Christmas.

At Coople, our mission is to empower people to take charge of their own working schedules so that they can lead the lives they want. That’s why we also fully support the Caritas quest to empower disadvantaged people to lead socially rich lives of their own. You can learn more about Caritas Zurich and lend a hand to families in need here. Happy holidays from Coople Switzerland!