Hire your ideal workers with a great picker packer job description (and Coople)

Coople’s picker packers can perform a variety of tasks, including receiving, packing, managing and storing stock. To help you find the right staff for your team, we’ve provided a customisable picker packer job description template below.

Warehouse operative taping box shut. He was hired thanks to a great picker packer job description

Whether you are managing your own logistics or offer fulfilment services for third parties, we know that you need a strong team. You will find the best picker/packers for your job if you set realistic expectations in the job description. Providing the essential information during the hiring process also allows candidates to decide whether this job will be a good fit for them.

A well-crafted picker packer job description should include:

A strong introduction

The first 2-3 sentences of your picker/packer job description are where you introduce your company to prospective job seekers. Highlight your unique company culture, the type of working environment they can expect and so on. This section is an opportunity to make your company stand out.

Picker/packer job responsibilities

This will vary depending on the requirements of your specific warehouse, but could include:

  • Picking and packing stock into boxes based on daily orders
  • Counting and recording stock levels
  • Restocking shelves
  • Tracking and documenting shipment arrival and departure times
  • Monitoring product quality
  • Keeping products properly organised
  • Filling customer orders timeously
  • Maintaining a clean, sanitary and safe work area

If you need more details about the usual picker packer profiles (including salaries) we invite you to read the official national descriptions.

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What skills and experience do you require?

Highlight the specific skills and experience needed for the role. This could include:

  • Experience working in third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses
  • Experience using specific technology like FR scanners or a warehouse operating system
  • Receiving and stacking incoming stock
  • Overseeing outgoing stock

If no specific experience is required you might say, for example:

  • No previous experience needed
  • Ability to work independently and/or as a team member
  • Ability to work in a standing position for an extended period of time

Education and licensing requirements

Make sure you also include any additional requirements, such as minimum qualifications and licensing. For example:

  • High school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Forklift driver’s licence
Screenshot of picker/packer job opening on Coople app, showing qualified applicants

What should pick and pack applicants expect and prepare for at your warehouse?

This could include:

  • Safety shoes are required and need to be provided by workers
  • Workers need to use heavy machinery and equipment (provide examples)
  • There can be an exposure to harmful substances (provide description e.g. cleaning chemicals)
  • The warehouse is particularly cold or hot (for example, because food is processed there)
Close-up of two warehouse operatives packing boxes

Working hours and benefits

It’s important to include the working hours and benefits that applicants can expect as well. Will they be required to work seasonal hours, is there overtime pay, etc. Make a point of also highlighting the benefits that set your business apart. For example, paid vacation time and commuter reimbursements.

Make the application process as easy as possible

End off your picker packer job description by telling prospective applicants exactly what you need from them (resumé, qualifications, licences, etc.), where to send it and who the contact person is.

Providing this information increases your chances that only the right candidates will apply. This will save you time when you make hiring choices. More importantly, when you give our candidates the information they need to succeed, they will be very motivated to do a great job.

Visit our Help Centre to learn more and find the flexible, talented staff you need to take your business to the next level.

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