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How Viridian Apartments supported their core teams with flexible housekeepers and cleaning staff.


Viridian Apartments offer a portfolio of stylish, spacious apartments that are perfectly equipped with all the furnishings, features and amenities that matter most. Viridian Apartments are located in prime locations across London and Southeast UK. They’ve been operating for 25 years and offer a service that exceeds expectations. Learn more about Viridian Apartments.






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Viridian Apartments were faced with busy periods throughout the year when their team size had to fluctuate to meet demand. Viridian Apartments core internal team required support from skilled housekeepers and cleaners. Each flexible worker required a specific skillset, including previous experience with complex hotel cleans during peak times. They needed workers to be flexible to travel across London to various properties per day, often at very short notice. In most cases, Viridian needed workers available with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Their main challenges were:

Finding expert level housekeepers and cleaners to support their core teams. They must have previous experience with complex hotel cleans during busier periods.

Access to pre-trained staff at short notice. Each worker must have completed their specific training before attending client sites.

Sourcing temporary workers who are available to support their core teams at properties across London. They must be willing to travel to different locations throughout the day.

How did Coople help?

Using the Coople platform, Viridian Apartments quickly sourced and hired expert level housekeepers and cleaners. They built a pool of up to 30 favourite workers they could rely on to support their busy periods throughout the year. Viridian Apartments used their Coople favourites pool to support the core internal team when they needed to quickly increase their team size. Additionally, they were able to find workers with specialised skillsets to grow their workforce.

Each of their favourites pool was paired with a core team member for a training day. Afterwards, they could attend client sites independently since they had received all their required training. Viridian Apartments benefited from hiring flexible staff when using Coople’s auto-hire feature, which allowed the platform to automatically hire their favourites pool to fill their shifts. They gained the confidence to fill any shifts with less than a day’s notice. It would not have been possible for Viridian Apartments to hire and support their teams as quickly and flexibly as they did without Coople.



Expert level housekeepers and cleaners available for last-minute shifts.

Pre-trained workers.

Built a favourites pool of up to 30 expert level housekeepers and cleaners who they could rely on to support their internal team during busy periods. These workers were flexible to work across different London locations. Every worker in their pool was trained alongside a core team member, before attending client sites solo.

Speed to hire.

Utilised Coople’s auto-hire feature to instantly match their jobs with, and hire, their favourites worker pool efficiently for last-minute shifts. Viridian Apartments were confident they could find available pre-trained staff with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Available across London.

Accessed housekeepers and cleaners who were flexible to travel across London to service many different properties in a day.

Flexible staff to support their core teams during busy periods.

Viridian Apartments found and hired expert level housekeepers and cleaners quickly through Coople. They could tap into their pre-trained favourites pool of workers at any time. Using CoopleFlex gave Viridian Apartments access to high-quality and skilled workers who were able to work flexibly to support their existing team, especially when they needed to fluctuate their workforce. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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