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How Urban Outfitters covered last minute absences to ensure they were never left short staffed.


Urban Outfitters started as a single retail boutique in Philadelphia in the 1970’s. 50 years on they are now a one-of-a-kind vintage and homeware store and online retailer. They have become a destination for emerging design and creating unexpected styling. Learn more about Urban Outfitters.


Company Size:

1,000 + employees






London, UK


Urban Outfitters were faced with regular last-minute absences due to internal employees calling in sick. Consequently, these absences left Urban Outfitters retail stores short-staffed and in urgent need of sales associates. Without an effective emergency recruitment process in place for dealing with sickness cover within short timeframes, Urban Outfitter were unable to ensure shifts were covered.

Their main challenges were:

Last minute absences by internal workers left Urban Outfitters short staffed in their London retail stores.

Unable to find suitable and reliable sales associate cover for absences at very short notice.

Frequent time invested in sourcing temporary sales associates to cover seven of their London retail stores for absences.

How did Coople help?

Urban Outfitters created a strong pool of favourites filled with over 140+ reliable and trustworthy temporary sales associates to cover last-minute absences across their London retail stores. They gained consistency in their temporary workforce to hire into new job vacancies they posted weekly with Coople. Urban Outfitters also leveraged Coople’s auto-hire feature, which instantly filled any job requirements. This feature allowed Urban Outfitters to regularly hire their preferred workers in under an hour for sickness cover in their stores, and they no longer had to worry about being left short staffed.



Last-minute staffing for sickness cover.

Reliability and consistency.

Built a trusted and reliable pool of over 140 favourite workers that Urban Outfitters multiple retail sites could regularly utilise for last-minute absences.

Enabled auto-hire feature.

The Coople platform automatically hired workers from their favourites pool to cover cancellations. This saved Urban Outfitters time and allowed them to quickly fill jobs for over five workers in under one hour.

Speed to hire.

Instantly filled jobs after posting them on the Coople platform. Hired five favourite workers in six minutes for sickness cover at their Oxford Street store.

Access to a large pool of flexible workers with Coople.

Urban Outfitters built a large pool of favourite over 140+ sales associates, which they could tap into at any time through Coople’s flexible staffing platform. Utilising the auto-hire feature, aided them to increase their speed to hire for sickness cover. Using CoopleFlex gave Urban Outfitters the confidence that they would always have the resource to regularly fill any sickness or last-minute cancellations. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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