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Flexible hospitality staff improved coverage at Searcys multiple venues all year round.


Searcys is an award-winning restaurateur and events caterer in residence at unique and historical venues across the UK. At the heart of every Searcys venue is a touch of indulgence and finesse. They have a reputation for quality and innovation and are the UK’s oldest long-standing restaurant and events catering company. Learn more about Searcys.









London, UK


Searcys had multiple London venues to staff and were expected to deliver an exceptional level of customer experience. They desired high quality and reliable hospitality workers that would seamlessly integrate with their current onsite team and support their delivery on a year-round basis. Searcys range of venues required additional support from chefs, bartenders, FOH managers, kitchen and waiting staff. To ensure they could always deliver an excellent experience for their guests, it was essential their coverage and attendance rates remained high.

Their main challenges were:

Access to a reliable and flexible workforce to support their internal team all year round. They required support for a range of different back of house (BOH) and front of house (FOH) hospitality roles and experience levels.

Sourcing hospitality staff available to work across multiple venues in London, mainly in the city and the west end.

As they grew, they needed to maintain high coverage and attendance rates to ensure they could deliver their best customer experience.

How did Coople help?

Searcys multiple sites gradually built up their own favourites pool of hospitality workers whom they could rely on. Each site had approximately 45-65 Cooplers in their pool and they could tap into them at any time. This meant that most of Searcys event support staff were from their favourites pool, which improved their overall workforce quality, skillset, and coverage. Searcys time-to-hire significantly improved when they used Coople’s ‘auto hire’ feature. When posting a job on the Coople platform, they could enable the feature to instantly hire workers from their favourites pool.

Searcys trusted Coople’s solid support of their staffing requirements throughout the year. When the opportunity arose, they were confident to refer Coople to additional sites, so all Searcys venues could benefit from flexible staff. A partnership built on trust and consistent delivery developed over time with Coople.



Exceptional customer experience delivered.

Multiple favourite pools built.

Searcys accessed flexible workers through Coople and built favourites pools to hire across their London sites. Each sites pool had an average of 45-65 workers they could access at any time.

Speed to hire.

Enabling Coople’s ‘auto hire’ feature significantly reduced their time to hire, by allowing the platform to automatically hire workers into their jobs.

High quality and reliability.

Searcys found and hired skilled workers with good experience through Coople. The overall quality and skillset of hospitality staff improved when they consistently hired from their favourites pool. They had the confidence that Coople could support their coverage demands all year round.

Reliable, consistent workers on a year-round basis.

Searcys created multiple favourites pools who they could hire all year round through Coople’s flexible staffing platform. Using CoopleFlex gave Searcys the consistency and reliability that they were previously struggling with. Searcys were pleased to improve their coverage and quality of staff overall. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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