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How RONIN accessed skilled multilingual market researchers instantly with Coople.


RONIN is an independent B2B market research company specialising in business, healthcare, and tech studies sectors. They conduct market research and data collection services with multilingual capabilities via telephone and online channels. Learn more about RONIN.






Market Research



London, UK


RONIN faced challenges meeting targets for large campaigns. Often, they had short turnaround times that required them to find a variety of multilingual researchers very quickly. The variety of languages required varied per campaign, but could include: Norwegian, Swedish, Welsh, Italian, French, Dutch, German, Slovak, French, Polish, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more.

They worried about the lack of resources to complete existing campaigns and take on new ones. With various shift patterns – weekday, evening, weekends – RONIN required a diverse pool of workers they could access for any campaign.

Their main challenges were:

Sourcing suitable multilingual market researchers (CATI) in London.

Finding workers suitable for a range of shift patterns – weekday, evening, and weekend shifts.

Meeting quick turnaround times to deliver on both new and existing large campaigns.

How did Coople help?

RONIN have found a staffing partner they can comfortably rely on all year round to meet their demand. Coople has given them the ability to instantly access a large pool of market researchers who meet each campaigns specific language requirements. Having a pool of over 100 favourite workers ensured RONIN had very quick turnaround times and the confidence they would always have resource to fulfil new and existing campaigns.



Access to a variety of multilingual speakers.

Multilingual language speakers.

Found multilingual market researchers in London for a range of European languages.

Reliability and consistency.

Built a reliable favourites pool of 100+ multilingual language workers to fulfil their new and existing campaign demand.

Speed to hire.

Gained quick turnaround times with their favourites pool to fulfil weekday, evening, and weekend shifts.

Quickly sourced skilled market researchers with Coople.

RONIN built a pool of favourite multilingual market researchers they could tap into at any time through Coople’s flexible staffing platform. They increased their speed to hire with quick turnaround times and fulfilment rates for their campaigns. Using CoopleFlex gave RONIN the confidence they would always have resource to fill both existing and new campaigns with skilled and reliable workers. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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