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How Millwall Football Club hired reliable event workers for busy match days.


Millwall Football Club is one of the most famous football clubs in London, currently competing in the EFL Championship. The stadium has a capacity for over 20,000 people, as well as a range of hospitality suites and boxes for match days, conferences and events. Learn more about Millwall Football Club.









London, UK

Coople have offered us exceptional support, during a very testing time in hospitality. Their staff are punctual, well experienced and have excellent customer service. Their support staff are on another level, always just a phone call away if we need extra staff at short notice and Will has been exceptional from an account management perspective. It is a pleasure to have Coople as part of my team, and I’m sure our partnership will continue for many years to come.”

Veronica Quinn, Head of Hospitality and Events


Millwall Football Club were struggling with consistency in their workforce. They were looking for high-quality staff members who were willing to commit to regular shifts throughout the season. To deliver premium hospitality service to their guests, Millwall FC urgently needed a strong pool of experienced and dedicated events staff.

The past few years were challenging for most in the hospitality industry, and Millwall FC were not exempt. Moving into the post COVID-19 era, Millwall FC faced many difficulties securing a dependable workforce to deliver expectational service for each match day, event, or conference.

Their main challenges were:

Inconsistent and irregular staff working Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) roles.

Sourcing and hiring reliable, high-quality waiters, bartenders, chefs, kitchen porters, and ticket office staff.

Gaining maximum customer satisfaction at every match day, event, or conference.

How did Coople help?

Millwall hired and built a strong pool of 320+ favourite event workers, based on excellent performance when working at Millwall FC. They had proved to be dependable staff and willing to work regular shifts throughout the season. Additionally, to aid with attraction of top-quality candidates on the Coople platform, Millwall increased worker pay at the start of the 2022/2023 season.

The Coople platform allowed Millwall to direct each match day job to their favourites pool to ensure they hired a consistent workforce. Having created a strong and well rounded, regular worker pool for their matches, Millwall FC garnered excellent customer and client satisfaction. Coople consistently supplied 45-65 workers per match day, which accounted for over 70% of their total match day staff. The Coople team offered outstanding customer service and support, especially at short notice. Coople have now become Millwall Football Club’s sole staffing supplier.



Consistent and dependable events staff.

High-quality candidates.

Millwall found experienced, skilled, and high-quality candidates on the Coople platform. They added the best performing workers to their favourites pool, which currently exceeds 320+ Cooplers.

Full hiring control.

Through the Coople platform, Millwall consistently hired staff from their favourites pool on a match-to-match basis. They gained full control to regularly hire the same flexible workers for every match.

Extreme satisfaction.

Millwall’s customers were very satisfied with the consistently good service provided by Coople’s flexible staff. Additionally, Millwall were very satisfied with the service and support received by Coople’s customer support team, even at short notice.

Full control and reliability with Coople.

Millwall Football Club built a reliable pool of 320+ favourites events workers, who they could hire at any time through Coople’s flexible staffing platform. Using CoopleFlex gave Millwall the consistency that they required to regularly deliver exceptional hospitality service. With Coople’s customer support, Millwall knew they were fully staffed for every match day. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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