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How Goodlord minimised their hiring costs and risks with Coople.


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The ability to tailor the sourcing and interview structure, and have the candidates pre-record their interview questions provided us with more flexibility. We can watch the recordings at times that may not have worked successfully for live interviews. The ability to communicate with the Coople team using our preferred chat function provides us with stronger, quicker communication. Having a focused bi-weekly call allows us to quickly tackle any unexpected challenges or concerns that may arise.”

Nicola Harding, Reference Fulfilment Manager


Goodlord were looking for a staffing solution that could reduce their costs and improve speed to hire, whilst simultaneously minimising their hiring risk. They were looking to hire temp to perm contact centre agents to give them the flexibility they needed in their recruitment process.

Consistently sourcing the required quantity of contact centre agents, with a suitable level of experience and skill set, was a challenge for Goodlord. They needed a recruitment process which easily increased top of funnel candidates, so their team could invest more time onboarding and training successful candidates.

Their main challenges were:

Consistently finding experienced and skilled contact centre agents to work remotely.

Refining their recruitment process to source the right candidates faster.

Expensive monthly costs using their SaaS partner.

How did Coople help?

Coople’s technology enabled Goodlord to streamline their recruitment process. The digitalisation of the screening process with recorded video interviews created significant time-efficiencies for their top of funnel. Additionally, the Coople platform gave Goodlord the ability to filter candidates by experience level i.e., intermediate, or expert experience. This allowed them to quickly reach the most suitable and available contact centre agents. Improving their recruitment process allowed Goodlord’s internal team more time to focus on onboarding and training the successful candidates in their new roles.

Goodlord reduced their recruitment costs when they only paid for the hours worked with Coople. They avoided monthly fixed costs with their previous SaaS partner after transitioning their staffing to Coople. Additionally, Goodlord hired candidates on a temp to perm basis, which reduced their hiring costs. This allowed both Goodlord and the candidates to ensure the right fit for the role before they offered the permanent position.



Efficient, digitalised screening process.

High quality candidates.

Recruited 10-20 skilled contact centre agents per quarter.

Efficient recruitment process.

Utilised recorded interviews to quicken the screening process. Filtered by skill and experience level to access suitable candidates faster in the Coople platform.

Reduced recruitment costs.

Only paid for the hours worked. There were no upfront costs or fixed, reoccurring costs with Coople.

Temp to perm hiring with Coople.

Goodlord sourced skilled contact centre agents through the Coople platform. Hiring candidates temp to perm with CoopleRecruit to minimise their hiring costs and risks. Using Coople’s advanced technology, along with support from the Coople team, allowed Goodlord to consistently find quality candidates quickly. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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