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How ETM Group accessed their favourites pool to ensure they were never left understaffed.


ETM Group is a collection of bars, sports pubs and high-end dining restaurants providing the food, drink, and good service in stylish central London venues, including The Botanist, Aviary, and The Jugged Hare. ETM was founded back in 2000 by brothers Ed and Tom Martin. They started with a single pub in Clerkenwell and have since opened 17 smart city gastropubs, contemporary brassieres, sophisticated bars, and small neighbourhood pubs. Learn more about the ETM Group.


Their collection:

18 venues






Central London, UK

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Rachel Masing, Head of Recruitment and Retention


ETM Group have a diverse portfolio of venues that require a range of hospitality staff and skill sets. Sourcing the right staff at the right time proved challenging. They often needed to fill roles such as: head chef, CDP, prep chef, kitchen porters, bartender, barback, commis waiters, waiting staff, hosts, and delivery support.

ETM Group required a staffing partner who were able to provide temporary staff for a range of situations, including, absences, seasonal peaks, emergency cover, and planned new openings. During uncertain times, their staffing solution had to be flexible and help them maximise revenue. Then post-pandemic, they required ongoing recruitment support for seasonal changes and new venue openings.

Their main challenges were:

Finding emergency coverage throughout a turbulent pandemic period.

Ongoing flexible support staff for sickness cover, holiday cover, seasonal ramps, or new openings. Having the ability to access workers in advance or last-minute.

Filling skills gap shortages within their internal team whilst maintaining flexibility.

Covering unsociable shift patterns that they were unable to cover with internal staff.

How did Coople help?

ETM Group hired flexible hospitality staff to support both last-minute shift cancellations and on a regular, ongoing basis. They built temporary staff into their ongoing staff rotas at an 80/20 split to maximise their spend per hour and support skill gaps in their internal team. Over the years, ETM Group built a pool of over 1,300 favourite hospitality workers they can access anytime, for any location, to cover absences, seasonal peaks, new store openings or unsociable hours. Often shifts were being filled within minutes of posting the job on the Coople platform.

Coople supported ETM Group with emergency staffing from internal sicknesses during a turbulent period through the COVID-19 pandemic. After COVID-19, Coople were still the sole provider and safety net for any staff support ETM Group needed, often supplying up to 40 staff across 12 venues at any given time during busy periods. ETM Group were confident they could always have a fully staffed team across all their venues. Including temporary staff into their ongoing recruitment plan has been a money saving and money-making strategy, having flexibility was key.



Ongoing recruitment support.

Reliable and flexible.

Built a favourites pool of 1,300+ quality hospitality workers who worked across all locations, and all shift patterns. ETM utilised their pool to fill jobs within minutes, whether they posted jobs last-minute or in advance.

Maximised revenue.

ETM built temp staff into their rotas at an 80/20 split to maximise their revenue in line with business fluctuations. Their flexible staff filled skills gaps in their internal team and boosted sales per hour.

Multiple locations.

Hired up to 40 front of house and back of hours staff across 12 venues at any given time during busy periods.

Full coverage with Coople during unprecedented times.

ETM Group created a strong pool of 1,300+ hospitality workers, which they could access at any time through Coople’s flexible staffing platform. Using CoopleFlex gave ETM Group the reassurance that they would always have reliable, skilled workers to consistently staff their multiple venues. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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