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How BMG Research sped up their rigorous recruitment process with Coople.


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100+ employees



Market Research




The great thing about Coople was the speed to hire and the video interview process. The team who reviewed the videos helped speed up the entire process. They were happy to adapt their selection criteria to meet our requirements and were up for the challenge of high-volume recruitment.”

Chris Walker, Operations Manager


BMG Research was experiencing an increase in client projects, meaning they needed to quickly recruit and hire more staff to manage the demand. As part of their internal recruitment process, they needed to source, screen, vet and test each candidate before hiring. They didn’t have the time or resource to manage this process by themselves.

BMG Research looked externally for staffing partners to help expedite their recruitment efforts. However, few agencies were able to consistently deliver high-quality candidates, which in turn presented new challenges.

Their main challenges were:

Processing enough candidates in time to meet demand, including screening, vetting, and testing.

Finding an agency who could consistently deliver high quality and volume of CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) researchers.

How did Coople help?

With Coople, BMG Research found a staffing partner they could rely on. Coople provided consistency in delivering high-quality interviewer candidates for every intake. Coople quickly processed a large volume of candidates through a rigorous screening and very difficult IT hardware test, to provide ready to work candidates.

BMG benefited from Coople’s flexible staffing platform, and internal support team to easily scale their workforce in line with their market research campaigns. Whether they needed -time, full-time, short-term, or long-term, Coople were able to meet their requirements.



Rapid recruitment for a rigorous process.

Speed to hire.

Screened, vetted, and tested candidates, to rapidly deliver workers for each campaign.

High volume recruitment.

Delivered intakes of 15 workers every week, consistently for 3 months.


Received ongoing support from the Coople team who adapted the recruitment processes to meet each specific requirement.

High quality candidates.

Consistently delivered high quality candidates when other agencies were unsuccessful.

Consistent quality for high volumes of staff with Coople.

BMG Research found a rapid recruitment process they could rely on with Coople. Using CoopleFlex and having support from the Coople team, allowed them to increase their speed to hire and quality of ready to work candidates. BMG Research gained confidence in their ability to access large volumes of suitable candidates who had been screened, vetted, and tested with Coople. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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