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How Bayley & Sage met business demand by hiring high quality, temporary workers with Coople.


Bayley & Sage are an independent food retailer dedicated to providing quality, freshness, and provenance to their customers. Learn more about Bayley & Sage.






Fresh food store, Retail, Delicatessen



12 stores within London, UK

We started using Coople 6 months ago to fill positions at our and retail stores and have found it to be extremely useful. With previous agencies, we often received unsuitable or unreliable staff however, with Coople you can view an individual’s experience, CV, and ratings from other companies prior to booking, allowing for good quality and suitable cover. You can build a group of ‘favourites’ over time so that you have a reliable pool of regulars at hand when required. Tom, Emily, and the rest of the Coople team are very helpful and responsive and there is an out of hours team available to book in staff if cancellations are made last minute. The platform is also easy to use. Would highly recommend.”

Emma Crosbie, Technical Manager, Bayley & Sage


Bayley & Sage were facing a significant rise in demand across their retail stores and Central Processing Unit. They were unable to find suitable and reliable staff to maintain and restock their current retail units. Additionally, they were about to open a new store and the festive season was fast approaching. Bayley & Sage needed to ramp their team quickly as business pressures mounted.

Their main challenges were:

Increasing their team size quickly but temporarily, in time for the busy festive period.

Sourcing and accessing consistently high-quality and reliable workers to fulfil a wide range of jobs.

Hiring staff across 12 London locations, and their Central Processing Unit.

How did Coople help?

Within the first six months of using Coople, Bayley & Sage were confident they could fulfil their staffing requirements. They gained full visibility and control over all aspects of their hiring, and easily found reliable kitchen porters, chefs, food productions assistants, and sales assistants. Coople’s operations team assisted by building suitable favourites pools of over 280+ workers across both the CPU and retail units, which Bayley & Sage could rely on throughout the year when needed.

Bayley & Sage had such success with their initial staffing requests, that they decided to use CoopleFlex across other departments. Coople replaced their cleaning agencies and supplied cleaning staff to allow more flexibility for these positions.  Coople have supported Bayley & Sage to find staff across all aspects of their business, including their 12 London locations and CPU.



Exceeding business needs with flexible staffing.

Reliability and consistency.

Built a favourites pool of over 280+ reliable workers, who could be rehired immediately when needed.


Ability to view all workers profiles, experience, and ratings (from previous Coople clients) before hiring.


Received ongoing support from the Coople team, with the added ability to hire 24/7 via the Coople platform.

Quality and speed.

Hired approximately 15 workers per day (more during peak periods) for various job profiles, which covered 12 retail locations and their CPU.

Consistently high-quality staff and support with Coople.

Bayley & Sage were able to overcome their staffing challenges with Coople. Using CoopleFlex, allowed them to seamlessly ramp their staff from high quality favourites pools to keep up with business demand. Bayley & Sage gained confidence, full visibility, and control over all aspects of their staffing. Coople’s flexible staff were consistent and provided an easy staffing solution Bayley & Sage could rely on. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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