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Arvato streamlined their recruitment process to efficiently hire temp to perm customer service agents.


Arvato provide CRM solutions. They design and deliver customer service and back-office processing services. Arvato are driven by technology, differentiated by experience, and powered by their people, to help their clients achieve their strategic objectives. Learn more about Arvato.


Company size:

1,500 employees



Outsourcing & offshore consulting



UK nationwide


Arvato were using traditional job boards to try and find suitable customer service agents. However, this required a lot of manual work by their internal team to vet, screen, and onboard each applicant. Avarto’s multi-step recruitment process required significant time and attention to source the highest quality candidates. If they could refine their recruitment process, it would reduce their time to hire and save their internal team time.

Their main challenges were:

Finding regular intakes of suitable customer service agents for temp to perm roles.

Multi-step recruitment process that required significant time and attention to source the highest quality candidates.

How did Coople help?

When hiring temp to perm customer service agents through Coople, Arvato reduced their recruitment time by 75% for their internal team. Traditional job boards were manual and time consuming for Arvato. In comparison, Coople’s matching algorithm instantly connected fully vetted and available customer service agents to Arvato’s job specifications.

Initially, Coople recruited 20 temp to perm customer service agents in only four days. Coople’s operations team took candidates through a bespoke application process where they were screened and interviewed. This rapid speed to hire and rigorous recruitment process delivered only the highest quality candidates to Arvato. Additionally, attrition was incredibly low when hiring with this process. Arvato continued to hire regular intakes of temp to perm customer service agents through Coople with this streamlined recruitment process.



Technology improved speed to hire.

Enhanced recruitment efficiency.

Coople’s matching algorithm and streamlined recruitment process reduced manual work internally for Arvato. This resulted in 75% time saved when hiring customer service agents.

High volume, regular intakes.

Arvato initially recruited 20 temp to perm, fully vetted, skilled customer service agents in only four days. Throughout the year, they continued to hire regular intakes of workers through Coople.

Reduced time spent on recruitment with Coople.

Arvato sourced high quality customer service agents through Coople’s platform and reduced internal manual recruitment work. Hiring candidates temp to perm with CoopleRecruit minimised their time to hire. Using Coople’s advanced technology, along with support from the Coople team, allowed Arvato to regularly hire quality candidates quickly. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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