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How Anthropologie maximised their weekly revenue and reduced internal team stress with flexible staff.


Founded in 1992, and taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion, art and entertaining, Anthropologie has established itself as a leading lifestyle brand. They operate both online and high street stores worldwide. Their products include an assortment of clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty, home furnishings, found objects, gifts and décor that exhibit influences ranging from vintage to global. Learn more about Anthropologie.


Company Size:

500+ employees






London, UK

The Coople platform is very user friendly and when we first started using saw great successes and strong candidates. Overall, it is a really helpful platform for us to use.”

Kelly Goddin, Cluster Store Manager


Anthropologie retail stores were left short-staffed and in urgent need of readily available sales associates due to absences from sickness and no-shows, most of these last-minute. Anthropologie were challenged to find replacement staff with such short turnaround times, especially across multiple London retail sites.

Their main challenges were:

Finding staff to replace internal employees’ last-minute absences across multiple London retail stores.

Sourcing suitably skilled, reliable, and available sales associates to cover any short notice absences.

Reducing stress on their internal teams by managing staffing rotas successfully.

How did Coople help?

Anthropologie posted jobs on the Coople platform to cover internal absences within 2 hours of when the job started. They used their favourites pool of 20 sales associates to consistently hire reliable workers. Anthropologie needed their favourites pool to be flexible and available to work across their multiple retail sites, especially during peak periods, this was particularly helpful for their Regent Street store.

Anthropologie avoided losing weekly revenue by hiring flexible staff to cover their urgent shifts. Additionally, they reduced the stress within their internal teams due to hiring a weekly rota of 1-2 sales associates in advance, as well as the last-minute coverage.



Fast coverage for cancellations.

Reliability and consistency.

Built a pool of over 20 favourite sales associates that Anthropologie London retail stores could rely on to cover last-minute absences weekly.

Speed to hire.

The Coople platform matched available workers for shifts starting within 2 hours. Hired 5+ of their favourite workers for sickness cover weekly, across their nine retail sites.

Plan ahead.

Hired a weekly rota of 1-2 sales associates through Coople, additional to workers to cover last-minutes absences.

High-quality, reliable workers with Coople.

Anthropologie hired flexible sales associates to cover both last-minute absences and planned rotas with Coople. They built a favourites pool of 20+ sales associates, which they relied on to cover their multiple London retail stores Using CoopleFlex enabled Anthropologie the maximise their weekly revenue and reduce stress on their internal teams, by always being fully staffed. If you have similar staffing challenges and want to learn more about how Coople can help you, get in touch today.

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