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She works hard for the money’: 2. 24million women in the uk have more than one job

By Coople

New research from on-demand staffing app Coople, reveals British women have never been busier. The findings show a significant proportion of working women juggle more than one job, as well as the bulk of the housework....

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The benefits of on-demand staff recruitment

By Coople

The on-demand economy has grown rapidly in the past few years, causing major shifts in how companies do business. A taxi, a blow-dry, a meal, a weekly shop – these and more are available to consumers at a speed, price and frequency that was previously unthinkable. Companies have adapted to these changes, leveraging flexible staff […]...

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10 apps to survive uni life – are you ready?

By Coople

The summer holidays have come to a natural end and thousands of students across the nation are heading back to university. Whether you’re a ‘fresher’ heading off to uni for the first time or are returning for your second, third or final year, chances are you’re always looking for a helping hand when it comes […]...

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