Be in charge of your work life with the all-new Coople Jobs App. The simplified new design and easy-to-use features allow you to find flexible jobs that truly match your skills. Getting to work has never been easier. Check out what new features we have in store for you:

You are in charge

Take control with our new job search. You can use the filters to find flexible jobs tailored for you. You can only work on Mondays close to your home? Select Monday only in the calendar and see what’s out there for you. You are available to work at any time, but you want jobs with shifts longer than 5 hours? Just increase the scale to 5 hours minimum to see all jobs with a duration longer than 5 hours. On top of this, we will still send you requests for flexible jobs that match your profile, meaning you stay in charge while still seeing all our available jobs.

Get the information you need all in one screen

Our new dashboard intuitively shows you everything you need to know at the right time. With your upcoming jobs, we’ll show you where and when your next shift starts. Don’t have any jobs yet? We’ll show you matched jobs and take you to the new filter settings right away. Completed a job recently? Hour confirmation and ratings are just one tap away.

Search for flexible jobs with the map view

Try our new map function – you’ll be able to see the jobs you filtered in a map view making it easier than ever to find that job near your location. Zooming in will show you exactly where the job is – tap it and you’re on your way to applying for it.