After you’ve submitted your complete and optimised Coople profile and chosen the right profile picture as well as written an effective CV, you’ll be ready to start finding flexible jobs near you.

To make sure you start receiving tailored flexible job requests, change the following settings: setting your availability, your location and your salary expectations (if you have any).

With the new Coople app and its fabulous new features will make it seem like a walk in the park to set up. A short intro into the Coople world should help you navigate the features and support you in finding the right flexible jobs for you.

  1. Before you even begin looking for flexible jobs, take a minute and think about your availability. Once you know your schedule, feel free to add them in your personalised calendar within the Coople app. That way we will make sure you only receive relevant jobs that fit around your schedule.
  2. Next, you will want to see flexible jobs in your location. Make sure you allow Coople to view your location in your phone settings, or the interactive map won’t work. With just one click on the map, you will be able to see all the available jobs in your area.
  3. With the new and improved Coople app features, you will be able to specify your search criteria and only relevant flexible jobs near you will be shown, including those that fit all the other options you chose alongside salary expectations and availability.

Is there an easier way to find flexible jobs that match you? We don’t think so! Simply sign up here to get started.

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Coople makes flexible work a rewarding experience for today and tomorrow.

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