How can temp-to-perm work support your career development? Join us as we speak to our temp-to-perm Coopler, Guiseppe, and discover where Coople can take you.

Introducing Guiseppe L.

Guiseppe joined Coople in 2019, working in hospitality as a waiter. Hiring companies soon recognised his talent, with many companies praising his work ethic, teamwork and capabilities. As a result of his dedication, Wimbledon quickly invited Guiseppe to join their permanent full-time team.

Why did you join Coople? What has stood out to you about your experience?

“I was searching for jobs at the time and I happened to find Coople. I liked that it was very flexible with many temp-to-perm opportunities. The jobs were local and the hours were adjustable to my needs, which perfectly suited what I needed at the time. I signed up to complete my first job, and it all developed from there.

In my experience, flexible work gives you the opportunity to be totally free. You can schedule work when you want to work and relax when you want to relax. This is not possible in traditional full-time work, and there’s lots of opportunities to find jobs where you can develop your career.”

What was your very first Coople job? How did your career develop from there?

“My first job was as a waiter for Wun’s Tea Room. It was my first time working in hospitality and it lead to a realisation of sorts. It was a fresh start for me and I was keen to keep trying it out to see where it would lead me. It’s now lead me to full-time work, so I would say it has worked out pretty well!”

How has temp-to-perm work supported you?

“I had different career plans prior to joining Coople, but I was wary of having career gaps, so Coople helped to keep me busy. I found the jobs that I wanted and needed through Coople. Hospitality was a good way of keeping myself active in the job market. I also loved that I could push through one week at a time and relax for 1-2 weeks at a time.”

“…I was wary of having career gaps, so Coople helped to keep me busy. I found the jobs that I wanted and needed through Coople.”

What career goals are you working towards?

“I’ve been inspired by the temp workers I met on shifts. Many are older than me and are still working on a temp basis simply because they enjoy it, and because they can earn a lot from it. I decided that if they can make it work, I can do it too. This led to a new opportunity for me through Coople. Last month, I decided to take on a full-time permanent position with Wimbledon. It’s great for my career progression and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to supervise others. This is something new for me, but it’s a duty entrusted to me and it’s a challenge I’m excited for.”

What’s next in your career plan?

“Even though I have a full-time permanent role now, I’m going to keep working with Coople in my free time because I enjoy it so much. It’s a lifestyle for me that I’m not willing to give up. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I should accept the full-time role as I wanted to keep the flexibility of Coople, but thanks to the support of my managers, we’ve been able to reach a compromise so that I can continue with my flexible jobs.”

As a long-term Coopler, what advice would you give to new workers looking for temp-to-perm jobs?

“Get in. Don’t be scared that it’s not a traditional, full-time job. You can find lots of different opportunities within the app. If you like adventure, flexible temp work is a great way to earn regular income. It’s also fresh and exciting every shift since it’s a different venue each time, and the experiences are new every time so it never gets boring. This is the best way to earn money and develop your career if you’re a fan of those things. Definitely make sure to read the job description too. Sometimes it’s extremely useful to understand what the hiring company expects of you, so you can perform to the best of your ability.”

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