For those focused on career progression, temporary work can be a great solution. It offers a way to develop your network, learn new skills and gain experience. In today’s blog post, we give the spotlight over to our Lavan, our temp-to-perm Coopler. Hear Lavan’s story and discover how temporary work can support you too!

Introducing Lavan

Lavan joined the Coople community in 2021. Upon joining Coople, his goal was to find a long-term office job for his career progression. Thanks to his previous experience in the office sector, Lavan was hired as a temporary Technical Support Specialist with JustEat before joining their permanent team in 2022.

Why did you join Coople? How has temporary work supported your career progression?

“I joined Coople last year because I was interested in the idea of temporary work. The flexibility was a huge benefit and the weekly pay seemed like a great advantage. My first role was with JustEat as a Technical Support Specialist. Since it was my first time working with an agency, it was really exciting seeing this role develop from something temporary into a long-term opportunity.”

How did you transition into a permanent role with JustEat?

“I used to work in the office sector, so I had a lot of relevant previous experience. Additionally, when I first applied, I told the hiring manager that I was looking for a stable opportunity. I think this helped me to stand out amongst the other candidates. After working temporarily for a few months, I transitioned into a permanent employee. Looking back, I’ve had a lot of fun along the way. I met a great team of fellow temporary workers during my trial shifts and now they’re my colleagues, so it’s been an enjoyable journey.”

“When I first applied, I told the hiring manager that I was looking for a stable opportunity. I think this helped me to stand out amongst the other candidates.”

What learnings/experiences have you gained as a temp-to-perm worker?

“It’s been eye-opening to work with different tools. Similar to any new role, there’s a slight learning curve. It takes time to settle in, but I’ve been enjoying myself a lot.”

What advice would you give to other flexible workers who are looking for permanent jobs?

“Be punctual, work hard and you will be rewarded. If you’re not putting in the effort, you’re not going to get anywhere. Try your best and be open-minded because there’s lots of opportunities for career progression, even within temporary work.”

“Be punctual, work hard and you will be rewarded.”

We also chatted with our other temp-to-perm Cooplers to learn about their career development with flexible work. Visit our blog to hear their stories.

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