Find the right workers for your store with our retail assistant job description

Coople’s skilled retail workers can perform a variety of tasks, including greeting and assisting customers, stock replenishment, processing payments and store maintenance. We also cater to many job profiles at different skill, experience and salary levels.

Hiring the right workers for your store starts with a good retail assistant job description. We’ve put together some guidelines to help you get started.

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Whether you need extra personnel to support your store or are looking to offer fulfilment services for third parties, we know that you need a strong team. You will find the best retail workers for your role if you provide clear, realistic expectations in the job description. Providing the essential information during the hiring process also allows candidates to decide whether this job will be a good fit for them.

Your retail assistant job description should include the following:

A good introduction is everything

Write a short introduction for your job opening that tells prospective applicants why they should choose to work at your store. What sets you apart? What makes you a great employer? Use the opportunity to highlight things that might entice a candidate, such as your approach to work-life balance or your inclusive culture.

Retail assistant job responsibilities

Outline the job responsibilities in as much detail as possible, using bullet points to make it easier for interested parties to scan through them. Below are some examples of what you might include:

  • Assisting customers as and when necessary, providing a first class customer experience
  • Answering customer queries, from stock availability to product details
  • Maintaining the shop floor and visual merchandising standards
  • Strong knowledge of the product range to drive sales

If you need more details about the usual retail assistant profiles, including salaries, we recommend you to read the official national descriptions.

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What skills and experience do your store assistants need to have?

If you require potential shop assistants to have specific experience, you should outline that in your job description. For example:

  • Experience with visual merchandising
  • Experience working in a retail environment
  • Must possess basic computer skills, including spreadsheets and PowerPoint
  • Ability to manage schedules and take care of inventory

If you don’t require specific experience, you could highlight that by saying:

  • No previous experience needed
  • Ability to work independently and/or as part of a team
  • Desire to learn and deliver quality customer service
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Screenshot of retail assistant opening on Coople's jobs app, highlighting applicants' relevant skills

What should retail workers expect and prepare for at your store?

Use this section to let potential candidates know what they can expect when working at your store. For example, are there specific uniform requirements they need to be aware of (provide examples)? Will a uniform will be provided and so on? Knowing what to expect can go a long way to allay any concerns an applicant may have and it also avoids the potential for confusion.

Close-up photo of retail assistant folding clothes

Hours, benefits, etc.

Make sure that you also include the working hours applicants can expect as well as any additional benefits you offer. For example, will they be working regular hours only or will they be required to work evenings and weekends as well? Can they expect overtime pay for shift work? Highlighting the benefits that set your business apart, such as childcare reimbursements, paid vacation time and opportunities for career growth will make your role more appealing.

Wrap it up

End off your shop assistant job description by explaining to applicants exactly what to do next. Tell them what documents (if any) to submit with their CV. Make sure they know where to send everything and who the contact person is. If there’s a cut-off for accepting applications, let them know that here as well.

Providing this information increases your chances that only the right candidates apply. This will save you time when you make hiring choices. More importantly, when you give our candidates the information they need to succeed, they will be very motivated to do a great job. Get started today and you’ll have your new sales assistants in no time.

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