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Coople strives to make flexible work a rewarding experience for today and tomorrow. As part of this mission, we’re proud to continue our new series where we highlight our temp-to-perm Cooplers and their professional growth with Coople.

Read their inspirational stories and discover where flexible work can take you!

Introducing Sophie

We sat down with Sophie, one of our data management assistants, to talk about her flexible work journey with Coople. Sophie joined the Coople team on a permanent basis in September 2021 and has been responsible for supporting Cooplers to help get them into work ever since.

When and why did you join Coople?

“I found about Coople through word of mouth. I heard about this cool app where you can receive job notifications and work last minute shifts and earn money. It was really surprising since it was such a novel idea. At that point, I was doing my second masters, so I decided to try it in my free time to earn extra money and gain more experience for my professional growth.”

What was your very first job at Coople and how did you navigate your professional growth from there?

“It was a kitchen assistant job in June 2021. I was doing kitchen jobs until I realised it didn’t fit my schedule anymore. I started to look for more office-based jobs. At the time, I didn’t realise Coople offered office jobs too. After a while, a member of the Coople team reached out to me and told me they were looking for an internal Coopler to work in their London office. I came in for a trial shift and then it kind of just took off from there! I’ve now been working in the office since September 2021.”

What learnings and experiences have you gained since joining the team?

“I really appreciate how open-minded the team is. It was eye-opening to me that even newcomers or juniors in the company can approach senior colleagues with ideas and get them executed. This was especially surprising to me because my previous company was run very differently. It was very hierarchal and traditional in that sense, so this has helped to boost my confidence. ”

What goals are you working towards?

“Before I joined Coople, I wasn’t sure where I was heading and I wanted to explore my options more, which is why this opportunity with Coople was so great. Now, I’m looking to work towards a business intelligence role. Coople has opened my eyes to exploring new avenues. With Coople, when you go into one role, you don’t have to stay there forever. There’s lots of professional growth opportunities to see what you are good at and what you enjoy, which opens avenues to other career paths.”

What advice would you give to new, flexible workers looking for professional growth?

“Be open minded and keep your energy levels high. Sometimes when you’re getting started, you can receive rejection after rejection but don’t be put off by that. The nature of Coople is that it’s very flexible and hiring companies can reach out to you last-minute, so your next job could be around the corner.

Try to be open minded and don’t take rejections personally. You have the skills you need, so just make sure you fix your CV. Make sure the experience is relevant to the role you’re applying for to give yourself the best chance to get hired.”

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