How Just Eat, a leading global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery, partnered with Coople to successfully source committed workers for long-term projects. Coople enabled them to access high volumes of flexible workers for various shifts.

How did Coople help?

Just Eat needed to recruit high volumes of flexible workers. They required staff to work specific shift patterns to fulfil long-term projects, which they knew would be challenging without the right staffing technology. With the help of Coople’s unique algorithm, their jobs were instantly matched with available workers who had the right skills and experience.

With access to over 200,000 flexible workers, Just Eat were able to hire the dedicated workers they needed to cover different shift patterns with ease. They built a ‘favourites’ pool of 100 workers who were trained and readily available at short notice to work across multiple locations.

The challenge

  • Sourcing high volumes of flexible and committed workers to cover specific shift patterns
  • Selecting and hiring dedicated workers for long-term projects lasting up to six months

  • Finding workers who could commit to very specific shift patterns for three to six months

The solution

Just Eat partnered with Coople to instantly tap into a large pool of over 200,000 reliable, motivated flexible workers to fulfil long-term projects. The Coople algorithm made it simple to quickly source and hire the right workers in the right location. Here’s what the process looked like:

Job publication: Just Eat used the simple job creator in The Coople for Business App to create and post jobs in minutes. They set the wage, role and the experience they required.

Matching and reviewing: the job was then automatically matched via the Coople algorithm. The workers were able to apply and Just Eat reviewed the applicants based on their CV and ratings before hiring them.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Just Eat reviewed the hours. Next, the platform handled all the administration and payroll. Just Eat then added their best temporary workers to their ‘favourites’ pool.

The results

Fully vetted workers: effectively hired and onboarded an average of 15 workers per project.

Time and cost efficiency: trained and promoted multiple workers to Team Leaders for recurring projects, allowing for greater output at a lower cost.

You’re in charge: successfully built a pool of over 100 committed, flexible workers to fulfil different shift patterns at short notice.

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