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Tobacco Dock, a large premier event space in London, needed to build a large team of regular staff for their events. With the help of Coople, Tobacco Dock were able to reliably and consistently source high quality, trained workers from their favourites pool for each event.

How did Coople help Tobacco Dock find quality, trained event staff?

Tobacco Dock aims to deliver the most compelling, memorable and effective events. Using the Coople platform, Tobacco Dock were able to find and hire highly experienced workers across multiple job profiles to support their events team.

With thousands of professional, flexible workers available on-demand, Coople’s algorithm instantly matched Tobacco Dock’s job requirements with workers with the right skills and industry experience. Using Coople’s intuitive platform, Tobacco Dock were able to manage their workers by creating groups of favourites. This allowed them to hire directly and build long-term relationships with the best performers.

The challenge

  • Overcoming loss of valuable time spent training managerial staff on operations, in addition to wider team training on health and safety at the venue
  • Ensuring events were smoothly executed by a powerful team of trained, site-experienced and knowledgeable workers

The solution

By working with Europe’s largest online staffing platform, Tobacco Dock instantly tapped into a pool of over 200,000 flexible workers to fulfil their training requirements and support their event operations. This enabled them to build up two pools of highly skilled, trained favourite workers – Team Leaders & Supervisors and generic staff. Tobacco Dock relied on these workers to ensure consistently high levels of service across all events. As a result, Tobacco Dock hired 40-150 trained workers per event, covering up to three events per day in different areas. To meet Tobacco Dock’s rigorous health and safety procedures, all team members required a certain level of training. This was undertaken by Coople, providing Tobacco Dock with the utmost hiring confidence. This is what the process looked like:

Job publication: Tobacco Dock used the simple in-app job creator to create and post jobs in minutes. They selected the wage, role and experience they required, as well as the number of workers needed.​

Matching and reviewing: the job was automatically matched with qualified workers via the Coople algorithm. The workers were able to apply and Tobacco Dock reviewed the applicants based on their CV and star ratings before hiring them.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Tobacco Dock reviewed the hours. Next, the platform took care of all the administration and payroll. Tobacco Dock were then able to add their best temporary workers to their own ‘favourites’ pool, allowing them to re-hire readily trained staff with ease.

The results

Fully trained workers: built a powerful team of fully trained, site experienced workers to support event operations.

Time and cost efficiency: significantly reduced time spent on training and hiring staff, allowing for greater team productivity and reduced cost-per-hire.

Full control over team management: successfully built a pool of reliable ‘favourites’ to re-hire for future shifts, significantly reducing time-to-hire.

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