Stuff U Sell, the eBay selling experts, hired Coople’s flexible workers to find and get to know high-quality staff before offering them permanent positions. They were able to reduce hiring risk successfully.

How did Coople help?

To keep up with demand, Stuff U Sell needed to increase their full-time workforce with high quality, motivated workers who fit their team. They used Coople’s ‘Smart Hire’ feature, which means that they hired a pool of Coople’s workers flexibly to then hire the best ones into full-time roles. This ‘try and hire’ solution allowed both sides to work together for three months and ensure that they were suited before committing to permanent placements.

Regular fluctuations in e-commerce often cause surges in demand for Stuff U Sell’s services. While working with Coople to find full-time staff, Stuff U Sell experienced how a flexible workforce could help them reach their business goals on an ongoing basis. Coople enabled them to easily increase or decrease staff at short notice, having thousands of motivated workers available. Coople’s algorithm then instantly matched the job requirements with workers who had the right skills and experience.

The challenge

  • Ability to hire temporary staff in line with fluctuations in demand
  • Find and hire high-quality,  experienced workers at short notice
  • Reduce the risk and cost of full-time hiring by recruiting temporary staff first

The solution

Stuff U Sell embraced the Coople platform, which is available online or via The Coople for Business App, to resolve their staffing challenges. They could instantly tap into a large pool of motivated, flexible workers at any given time. The advanced Coople algorithm made it easy to quickly match Stuff U Sell’s jobs with high quality, skilled workers at short notice. This is what the process looked like:

Job publication: Stuff U Sell used the simple in-app job creator to create and post jobs in minutes. They selected the wage, role and experience they required, as well as the number of workers needed.

Matching and reviewing: the job was then automatically matched via the Coople algorithm. The workers were able to apply and Stuff U Sell reviewed the applicants based on their CV and ratings before hiring them.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Stuff U Sell reviewed the hours. Next, the platform handled all the administration and payroll. Stuff U Sell then added their best temporary workers to their ‘favourites’ pool.

The results

Fully vetted workers: selection of 6-8 highly quality candidates working regular shifts over 3 months.

Time and cost efficiency: large amount of time saved on recruiting & the ability to flex their workforce.

Fast delivery: found and hired motivated, skilled workers across a variety of job profiles at short notice.

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