Find work

…Or in other words: how to get noticed by hiring companies. This means, how can your overall presentation on the Coople platform make you more interesting for companies looking for staff. It starts fairly easy, by filling out every empty text field in order to complete your Coople profile.

First off, make sure to fill in all sections with information related to you, such as your contact details, your bank details, and most importantly all of your work-related documents (copy of your ID or passport, and your national insurance number).

Whatever you do, don’t forget two things: uploading the right profile pic and a detailed CV.

Increasing your chances to get hired have never been easier! Some tips on how to optimize your Coople profile also include but are not limited to:

  • Your choice of Job Profiles – the more Job Profiles you select, the more job requests you are likely to receive. But, make sure you only choose the ones you are really qualified for or want to be identified with.
  • Your skills and qualifications – make sure to mention whether or not you have a driver’s license, a specific diploma, certificates as well as language skills. And most importantly, make sure to upload all these documents onto the Coople platform.
  • Your profile summary – introduce yourself to your potential new employer in a few words and let them know what you’re excited or open about in the professional world.

Et vòila – your Coople profile is now fully complete. After we have reviewed and verified your details, you will start receiving job notifications.