Coople partnered with Restaurant Associates, one of London’s leading contract caterers, to provide high quality customer service to reflect favourably on their client’s brand. Restaurant Associates were able to increase their revenue after hiring highly experienced, reliable waiters and waitresses on a consistent basis.

How did Coople help increase Restaurant Associates revenue?

Restaurant Associates used Coople’s intuitive platform to find and hire flexible hospitality workers who provided high quality customer service. They used Coople’s mutual rating system to find and hire exceptional candidates. Afterwards, they built a pool of ‘favourite’ workers to consistently and reliably meet their client’s high expectations.

As a result, Restaurant Associates flexible staff were capable of upholding the brand’s reputation and inspiring confidence in their clients. Within the first two months of partnership with Coople, they saw a 33% increase in revenue, with continuous growth since.

The challenge

  • Restaurant Associates high-profile client had very strict criteria for flexible staff
  • To meet their client’s high expectations of customer service, consistency and quality were paramount for both skills and attitude of workers

The solution

Restaurant Associates used the Coople platform to find high quality workers who were consistently well skilled and displayed a good attitude at work. Thanks to Coople’s large pool of quality, flexible workers, they were able to build an entire pool of ‘favourite’ workers they could rely on. As a result, Restaurant Associates gained quick access to quality staff across a variety of job profiles. This is what the process looked like:

Job publication: Restaurant Associates used the simple in-app job creator to create and post jobs in minutes. They selected the wage, role and experience they required, as well as the number of workers needed.

Matching and reviewing: the job was automatically matched with qualified workers via the Coople algorithm. The workers were able to apply and Restaurant Associates reviewed the applicants based on their CV and star ratings before hiring them.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Restaurant Associates reviewed the hours. Next, the platform took care of all the administration and payroll. Restaurant Associates were then able to add their best temporary workers to their own ‘favourites’ pool for future shifts.

The results

Fully trained workers: created a ‘favourites’ pool of flexible staff capable of upholding the brand’s reputation and inspiring confidence in their client.

Time and cost efficiency: utilised Coople’s mutual rating system to find and hire exceptional candidates promptly.

Increased revenue: resulted in a 33% increase in revenue during the first two months of the partnership with Coople, and continuous growth since then.

What Restaurant Associates think of us:

“Coople is great for the way that they have approached staffing. Their technology gives control and transparency to an otherwise difficult to control, ambiguous industry. We’ve been able to create a pool of our favourite Cooplers which is focused on high calibre professionals with the right personalities in the right places and the right faces who want to work with us. During busy periods Coople will organise check-ins with the staff and make sure things are running as smooth as possible to mitigate as much risk as possible to us as the client.”

Stephen Shirley – General Manager, Restaurant Associates

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