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Four Seasons are an international luxury hotel and resorts company who required skilled banquet staff to maximise revenue. Using Coople, Four Seasons were able to quickly find and hire experienced banquet waiters, runners and servers to meet high guest expectations.

How did Coople help Four Seasons to find the right, skilled banquet staff?

Using Coople’s unique algorithm, Four Seasons’ were able to match their job specifications with highly skilled banquet waiters with the right experience. Four Seasons’ then reviewed candidate profiles based on CVs and ratings before hiring, allowing shifts to be filled quickly on-demand.

The challenge

  • Ensuring staffing levels are correct to optimise overheads
  • Finding skilled banquet staff with the right level of experience

The solution

Four Seasons embraced the Coople platform to find up to 30 highly skilled banquet waiters, runners and servers per event. They were able to post jobs and instantly access thousands of suitable, fully-vetted professional flexible worker profiles. Four Seasons maximised revenue by matching their staffing level to their demand. This is how they did it:

Job publication: Four Seasons used the simple in-app job creator to create and post jobs in minutes. They selected the wage, role and experience they required, as well as the number of banquet staff needed.

Matching and reviewing: the job was automatically matched with qualified workers via the Coople algorithm. The workers applied and Four Seasons reviewed the applications based on their CV and star ratings before hiring.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Four Seasons reviewed and approved the hours. Next, the platform took care of all the administration and payroll. Four Seasons were then able to add their best temporary banquet staff to their ‘favourites’ pool for future shifts.

The results

Fully vetted workers: sourced up to 30 highly skilled banquet staff per event, filling shifts quickly

Maximised revenue: matched staff to demand, allowing for maximised revenue

High quality candidates: the Coople platform’s mutual rating system allowed Four Seasons to find the best rated, qualified candidates with relevant skills and experience

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