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Ali started the Hospitality Futures programme after being unemployed for over six months. With a young family to support, Ali was feeling under pressure to find something that would not only lead to a secure and rewarding career but also have the flexibility he required to manage his family commitments. As he didn’t have much work experience or a university degree, he began to feel a bit desperate about his situation and future.

It was in September 2017 at his local job centre that he came across the opportunity to be on The Springboard Charity Hospitality Futures Programme. Hospitality was an industry he had never considered before, but he thought the programme sounded exciting and so he quickly signed himself up.

Ali performed amazingly and sailed through the programme. With his confident but inclusive personality, he was a positive influence on everyone around him. Indeed, it was evident that his naturally bubbly personality and sunny disposition made him a great fit for the industry.

At the end of the programme, Ali had to decide where he wanted to do his work placement, and he decided that he wanted to try food and beverage service, as the inter-personal aspect and practical nature of the job really appealed to him. It was then that he discovered Coople, Europe’s largest on-demand staffing platform – who is a corporate patron of The Springboard Charity – to find flexible jobs in hospitality that he required to support his family.

While working flexibly with Coople, Ali had the opportunity to increase the breadth of his experience by working in different positions in a couple of London high-end hotels, top event venues and renowned restaurants and bars. Ali did especially well with one of Coople’s clients, a 5-star London hotel, and was able to secure a flexible rota to work with that client on a more regular basis, ensuring that perfect time balance between work and family commitments.

He has since been working consistently for over 6 months, honing his customer skills and increasing his experience. Ultimately the roles he has been performing on behalf of Coople have provided him with the chance to support his family whilst also beginning a career where he can thrive. Indeed, Ali continues to flourish as a great success story and has been a regular source of positive feedback from Coople’s clients.