How can flexible work support you? Whether you’re looking to develop your skills or gain a better work-life balance, flexible work can be a great avenue to help you reach your goals.

To find out more about how flexible work can support you, we’re continuing our new series where we highlight our temp-to-perm Cooplers and their career growth with Coople.

Introducing Abimbola

We spoke to Abimbola, one of our long-term customer service agents. Abimbola joined the team on a permanent basis in 2021 and has been working alongside our customer success team to get Cooplers ready for work ever since!

When and why did you join Coople?

“I joined Coople in November 2020. I signed up to Coople because I was really amazed by the idea of a digital staffing platform since it was so different from the traditional staffing scene. At the time, I was also doing my master’s degree, so the flexibility really helped me to find a good equilibrium and balance my studies and work.”

What was your very first job with Coople, and how did you transition to a full-time position from there?

“My first ever job with Coople was a workplace manager position at The Boutique Workplace Company. I got an excellent rating after my shift and since then, the sky has been the limit for me. I believe I transitioned to a full-time internal Coopler due to my consistency. I made sure that I always arrived to my shifts on time and I gave my best at every workplace to get the highest possible rating, which opened up paths for my career growth.”

“…I gave my best at every workplace to get the highest possible rating, which opened up paths for my career growth. “

What learnings and experiences have you gained since joining Coople?

“One of the key skills I have gained is teamwork. I’ve learnt to how work well with other people and value each other’s strengths and contributions, which has made me a better team player. My time management and communication skills have also improved – I have learnt how to juggle different priorities and communicate clearly in meetings.”

What goals are you working towards?

“My short-term goal is to surpass my work targets and to get a permanent position. My long-term goals involve growing with Coople where I can continue my career growth, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible to the team.”

Our Coopler, Abimbola, talking on the phone whilst seated at a desk in front of his laptop.

What career advice would you share with new flexible workers?

“Be professional, have a positive attitude, believe in yourself and always be ready to learn. That way, you can gain a lot of soft and hard skills which will help to open a path to your dream job.”

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