Have you been worrying about how to work in London? Finding a job in London, especially for candidates that have recently arrived in “the big smoke” can be very daunting. First of all, London is a huge city with a growing population close to nine million. According to the Office for National Statistics, between 2011 and 2015 nearly a half million people decided to take up residency in London.

Secondly, with such a large population, the job market is fiercely competitive with scores of people applying for the same jobs. This often leaves newcomers with a disadvantage when it comes to knowing what exactly they need to do to get on the job ladder. So, what can you do?

Avoid the saturated permanent work market

One of the first things people do when seeking work in London is to instantly search for permanent work through job boards and send their CVs to unknown individuals. However, we all know permanent job searches can be highly competitive, where only a small percentage of applicants proceed to the assessment or interview stage. By avoiding the all too well-known rat race and registering onto flexible job platforms, you will be able to sit back and let jobs come to you within the hassle of interviews.

Assess the alternative paths to work in London

The job searching landscape has drastically shifted in the last few years. With the buzz of the gig economy and the flurry of job app launches have challenged the way of how people think of work. Traditional agencies have been the mainstay of newcomers seeking work, but now, newcomers looking for work in London are turning to to the gig economy because the traditional agency is stuck in their regimented ways of not letting people fully control where and when they work. They also rely on traditional recruitment processes comprising of long interviews, meaning it could be weeks before you hear anything back – less than ideal for people who urgently need to find a source of income when arriving in the capital.

Join the future of work with Coople

There’s a new way to work. With the Coople job app, you are in control, with flexible work at your fingertips, you accept or decline job requests as they come in and decide what work you want. Once registered and you’ve uploaded your profile, you can work straight away letting you discover what London has to offer at your own pace.

  • Accept jobs on your mobile – accept job notification on the app and just turn up to work, it’s that easy.
  • Find jobs in your location – decide where you want to work. Our smart algorithm conveniently matches you with jobs in the locations you want to work.
  • Confirm the hours you work – make sure you always get paid for the hours you work with our check-in and check-out feature on the app and get paid weekly.

Not only can we make your working life easier with the Coople job app, but we can also help boost your CV, by giving you the opportunity to work in London with some great brands and also be upskilled with industry recognised training and qualifications which we offer for free to our Cooplers.

We are constantly looking for new people to join our platform and you could be part of our Coopler family. So, if you would like temporary part-time work with experience or without experience in hospitality, events and offices then don’t hesitate to sign up.

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