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Empowering businesses to find flexible staff just-in-time.

Staffing your business efficiently can be challenging and expensive, particularly when you have uneven levels of demand, your staff calls in sick, or you have a big, one-off event to deliver.

Peaks and troughs in demand

Manage recruitment more efficiently

“I have regular peaks and troughs. I’m always over or under staffed.”


Manage sickness and holiday cover

“I constantly struggle with staff cover, especially when it’s unplanned.”

Find flexible employees with Coople

Cost and Time Inefficiencies

Manage your staffing more efficiently

“Managing flexible staff takes up to 25% of my time: calling people, agreeing contracts, organising rotas and timesheets, and processing payroll.”

The Coople Marketplace And Its Services

A single platform to efficiently manage your internal and external flexible staff

The Coople marketplace instantly connects businesses that need flexible staff, with people who are looking for flexible work. The marketplace offers three types of services that can be combined:

1. On-demand Staffing

Access our pool of ready to work Cooplers based on your staffing needs.

Use our effortless end-to-end staffing solution that allows your teams to focus on developing the business.

Coople sources > Coople employs > Coople payrolls

2. Own Flexible Staff Management

Software Only

Use the Coople platform to manage your own flexible staff more efficiently.

Save time planning and filling shifts, tracking hours and processing payroll – which we can also do for you.

You source > You employ > You or Coople payrolls

Coople Staff Management

Source talent and use our software. We deal with the rest.

On top of providing your with our software solution, Coople employs the workers and deals with contracts, payroll, national insurance, tax and holiday pay.

You source > Coople employs > Coople payrolls

3. SmartHire

Recruit talent from our Coopler pool

Our ‘try and hire’ solution allows you to efficiently trial candidates and hire them as your own staff. This enables you to shorten your recruitment cycle (sourcing, screening, interviewing…) and ensures you only write contracts and start payroll, once you’re sure you’ve got the right person.

The benefits of working with Coople

Save time
Build a pool of talent to recruit into your business, as and when required.

Save money
Traditional agencies charge high fees for specialist staff: Coople charges the same for all roles. No set up fees required to register.

Find the perfect match
Specify your own recruitment requirements direct to the market, define exactly who and what you need. Our algorithm takes your requirements and matches them to people (Coopers) registered on our platform, maximising the chances of acceptance no both sides.

Direct debit
Full end-to-end automated process to ensure payments are processed efficiently, significantly reducing time spent on admin.

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Admin and payroll
We take care of all the admin, from C.V. screening, eligibility to work, tax and payroll through to national insurance and holiday pay; you receive one simple monthly bill. We have a strong track record in HR management and are highly experienced in employee law and regulation.

Rating system
Our rating system enables businesses and employees to rate each other, enabling full transparency for both parties. We encourage you to rate Cooplers who have worked and done a good job for you. This helps identify and shine a spotlight on top performers.

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To start working with flexible part-timers, all you need to do is first register your business with us. The perfect Cooplers will be matched with your vacancy based on their skills and availability, and then you will be able to choose the best candidate from a distinguished sample.

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